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Why is Khloe Kardashian on a magazine cover that isn’t Sasquatch Weekly?

What in the Lechter HELL is she wearing?

Actually, THIS is the only photo that makes sense.  Khloe WILL eat your face off, because she’s THAT hungry.  The others, however?  No.  And HELL, no.  All this giant woman did was find an NBA player who is enormous enough to make her look dainty.  (StupidLakers.)

Let’s risk our eyesight and peer at the other shots, shall we?

Apparently "GlamourShots" provides "gently worn" sequined dresses now.
Ahhh, yes. Photo via: GlamourShots

Kloe bugs me just slightly more than the rest of the gang.  I think it’s more apropos to ask, “What has THIS chick done to deserve this kind of media attention?” than it is for Kim.  (Kourtney has a kid and the babydaddy is Patrick Bateman, so that in itself is slightly more interesting.)

So…just one more photo to give Khloe even MORE attention–even if it is from this snippy little blog.


Let us now bow our heads to thank Jaaayzus for not showing us the UN-Photoshopped version of these pictures of Khloe.