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John Legend – BET’s Humanitarian Award Was Well-Deserved

John Legend at the BET Awards

Credit: Chris Hatcher / PR Photos

For me, the best part of the BET Awards on Sunday evening had to be the awarding of the Humanitarian Award to John Legend (and no, I didn’t see, Janelle Monae’s tribute to Prince… I fell asleep! Sorry!). I sat up a little straighter as he got up on the stage in his amazingly well-fitting suit.  Wow.

John is one of those music guys I’ve always admired -he has fierce musical chops and is a damn natty dresser. He also strikes me as smart, soulful, super-gentlemanly and charmingly old-fashioned. His turn with Angelique Kidjo in the remake of Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up” is genius; John’s bold, ballsy voice rises above the groovy beats and zingy rhythms.

But I had no idea he was so active in social activism. His charity, Show Me, is dedicated to educating students in American and Africa; the non-profit organization considers education to be the civil rights issue of our time.

Now, I know some people make faces at music stars getting on their pulpits to lecture us plebians about the righteousness of their cause (whether it’s long-term or more of the de jour variety), but you cannot deny John’s central message: education is the key to alleviating -and eradicating -poverty.

With or without that receding hairline (really, who cares?!), John became ten times sexier to me Sunday night. There’s something really, really hot about a well-dressed man who can play the piano (awesomely), has a beautiful voice, and strong commitments to making the world a better place.  What a man.

What a legend.