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Edward Norton’s Verizon Droid ’48 Hours’ Commercial Is All Kinds Of AWESOME


I have a love/sorta-hate (imaginary) relationship with Edward (DON’T CALL ME ‘ED’) Norton. I love him in a million (iread: 3 to 4) movies, namely ‘Fight Club’.  I gotta say though, I squealed at the end of this great commercial for Verizon, starring Ed. 

Go on….watch it.

Gaaaah. Love it. Even if he’s pretending to have a sense of humor, I’m diggin’ seeing Ed have some fun at his own expense.

Snickers New Creepy Halloween Commercial – Horseless Headsman


‘Tis the season for you to be reminded that greedy kids are going to invade your house at the end of the month for candy. I love Halloween commercials, and Halloween in general, but Mars Inc. has done too good of a job of creeping people out the past couple of years. First it was the two kids dressed up as “Mrs. Jensen” making sure that their neighbors bought plenty of Snickers, now it’s the “Horseless Headsman” trying to scare trick-or-treaters for their heads.



It’s not as odd as the commercials Skittles puts out, but I had the misfortune of catch it for the first time late Sunday night. Snickers are delicious, but this giant head is going to give me nightmares. Doesn’t it kind of look like Christopher Lloyd? Check out the extended online version with the headless horse.

Summer’s Eve – ‘Hail to the V’ Commerical (Extended Cut)

Hail to the V!

It’s the cradle of life; it’s the center of Civilization…” — wow.  I feel super-powerful all of a sudden.  All this time I thought peens ruled the world.  The fine folks at Summer’s Eve (via The Richards Group USA Advertising Agency) are giving women (and their vaginas!) credit where credit is due.  I guess?

On the other  hand, it could just be a satirical ad campaign much like the Old Spice commercials–only less funny and without a horse. Oh wait. There were horses.

"Fellas, let's discuss the Power of V. Joan? Get me a stiff drink."

If only I could have been a fly on the wall during that presentation.  Preferably by Don Draper. If anyone knows the Power of V

Thoughts?  Is this commercial sexist, racist, funny, cringe-y?

And what about the TV series, V?  (And yes. I’m going to BOLD every upper-case V from now on.