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The Anthony Weiner Saga Continues – Wife is Pregnant

Weiner and his wife, HumaTwitter

No doubt you’ve heard, and seen, a lot about Anthony Weiner in the last couple of days. He apologized to his wife, Huma Abedin, and constituents Monday, but that has done little to quell the drama surrounding him and his “Twitter Mistresses”.

This all began when a picture of his *ahem* weiner that he sent to a college student from the Seattle area over Twitter, which leaked and hit the press. The jokes write themselves, people. He claimed that he was “hacked” and went on for days denying the picture was of him, even suggesting that it could have been Photoshopped. The whole situation was comical at first, until he finally owned up to having sent numerous messages and personal pictures to the young women he follows on Twitter.

The latest part of this scandal involves his wife, Huma Abedin, who is pregnant with their first child. The 35-year old is in the early stages of her pregnancy, according to three people with knowledge of the situation, as reported by The New York Times. Although Weiner, 46, vowed that the couple wasn’t going to split up in his press conference, this is obviously putting a huge strain on what I’m sure is already a fragile relationship. Abedin, who is an aide to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, has remained mum on the topic and left the country Wednesday to travel to North Africa with Clinton. I do respect her not “standing by her man” when he gave his teary eyed apology. He messed up, why should she have to stand beside him and be shamed? The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Huma is choosing to remain married,

She’s not Mrs. Anthony Weiner. She’s Huma Abedin. She’s been known to many people for a very long time, and they’ve continued to respect her boundaries…This has been the first time she has encountered anything otherwise.”

Of course now there are the the women coming out of the woodwork to tell their side of the story. Doesn’t this happen in all of these scandals? The first girl had her picture plastered all over the news, and at first declined to comment but has now come forward to talk about what lead to him sending her the picture in the first place.  We have 21-year-old college student Gennette Cordova’s explanation of her online conversations with Weiner seems to point to pattern of him engaging with young women online about politics, only for it to end up divulging into racy conversations and exchanging pictures.

He was just very casual,” she said to The New York Times , “it wasn’t like talking to a U.S. congressman“.

Another woman, 26 year-old Texan Meagan Broussard gave an  interview to ABC’s Good Morning America, and it was her pictures that were sent to conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, a suggestion from a a friend when asked what she should do with the pictures. There is also a Las Vegas casino worker, and a porn star. There’s always a porn star.

Sigh, so while the media was obsessed with this, The House of Representatives passed the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act“, which essentially redefine rape. It’s expected to be D.O.A. in the Senate and President Obama vowed to veto it, but this was happening while we talked about a man sending pictures of his dick to women on Twitter.

I can’t even explain to you how many times I’ve heard people joke about guys sending pictures of themselves naked to women on Twitter or Facebook.  It’s a “thing” that I just don’t want to get. As Kristen Schaal noted on The Daily Show the rise of “dick pics” is somehow men’s way of  thinking that us looking at their penises will make you more attractive to us.

“Men need to realize that their penis has far more power over them that it does over us.”

Preach it girl! Weiner’s friend and former college roommate, Jon Stewart has kept the jabs at a minimum. I’m sure it’s weird to talk about a guy you used to spend a lot of time with in this way. Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi is calling for an ethics investigation, while apparently most of his fellow Dems just want him to step down. I think Anthony is a smart guy and could go a lot of good, but he needs to sort out this personal stuff first but he decides he can run a city.

This is another politician ruined because he can’t keep it in his pants. I think your career and family is worth more than some 20 somethings admiring your weiner, don’t you think?