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Luther Vandross Would Have Been 62 Years Old Today

Oh, Luther. We miss you terribly.

Today would have been Luther Vandross’s 62th birthday.

The world lost our beloved Luther February 1, 2005 from complications of a stroke he suffered in April of 2003.  Such a sad day…for the world.

Let’s remember, arguably the most perfect male voice in R&B and soul music…Luther Vandross.  I’ve loved Luther since he worked with David Bowie on the classic Young Americans album in 1975.  One of my favorite songs to this day is Fascination, which David and Luther wrote together.  It’s sexy, cold, hot, naughty and irresistible…


I played Stop to Love on a (cassette!) loop back in 1986 (when my son, Alex was two–pictured here in a vintage Luther concert t-shirt with his son , Felix).  Be sure to watch the live performance by Luther at The Royal Albert Hall below.


The love of Luther being passed onto yet another generation…

I’d back it up (to the 4.07 mark in the video) and eventually wearing it out…my favorite part in the song. I’ve been listening to it today, along with my other favorite Luther songs.  I’ve always preferred the more dance-y songs by Luther, but that’s just me.

We still love you, Luther. Always and Forever.


And this one is for my BFF Patrick.

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Happy 70th Birthday, George Harrison

George Harrison, in the film “HELP”


Oh, George. My first crush. I was three years old when I fell in love with George Harrison, and he’s the one true celebrity crush that endured all these many years. I still can’t talk about his death of lung cancer in 2001 at the age of 58. Too tragic and too early. George was just so beautiful and his songs with the Beatles were always my favorites.  The sound of his guitar; his minor-key melodies, his voice, captured my heart in 1964.

A lovely example is “If I Needed Someone” from the Rubber Soul album.


It took me all day to get this post up. I’ve mentioned before that sometimes I just have a difficult time writing about certain people or topics…and I realize that makes NO sense whatsoever. None.  I can think about it, but I cannot get my brain to connect to my fingers. I wish I had a patch cord from my brain. That would be far more efficient.


Beautiful George

In the meantime, I give to you (again?) one of my favorite tributes to George, with quite possibly one of the best guitar solos ever–by Prince.

You are missed everyday, dear George. We have your and Olivia’s wonderful Dhani.

Thank you for leaving a glorious legacy in your son…he’s a blessing.