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Trailer For ‘Warm Bodies’ – ZOMBIES!


If you were one of the 10.5 million people watching the mid-season finale of  ‘The Walking Dead’ on AMC Sunday night, you probably caught the trailer for ‘Warm Bodies,’ yet another zombie movie. This one actually looks pretty good and has a bit of a twist on the genre.

Based on Issac Marion‘s novel, the movie is a look at R, played by Nicholas Hoult, whose is well aware of his undead situation, but wants more out of life. He meets and falls in love with Julie, Teresa Palmer, but her dad (the always fabulous John Malkovich) isn’t happy about one of the things he hates the most being attracted to his still breathing daughter.

Directed by Jonathan Levine, I am actually looking forward to this, but you knew that already. The movie will be on February 1st, check out the trailer and tells us what you think!