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Walter White To Receive a Proper Funeral in Albuquerque For Local Charity

Walter White's Obituary
Walter White’s Obituary

Photo: Albuquerque Journal

Clearly we cannot get enough of Breaking Bad.  Like, seriously. This speaks volumes about arguably the best TV series EVER, don’t you think? As much as I loved The Sopranos, I was never all balled-up in a fetal position with a stomachache  during an episode, then having a TV show-hangover for a few days.  Only Breaking Bad has done that to me.




The Hollywood Reporter is well, reporting that The ABQ Sheriff’s Department has organized a funeral and reception to raise money for Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless.  Obviously, in order to attend and pay your respects to our beloved, damaged, ill, teacher-turned meth cooker, Heisenberg/Walter White, it’s gonna cost ya, but in a good way. You can get all the details here and book your flights, bitches.


Oh, Jesse.
Oh, Jesse. (Aaron Paul being adorable.)


I wonder if Jesse will be there? Maybe Skinny Pete?  All I know, is I wish I could go to this event…




Say My Name.


You’re goddamned right.