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Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Walking Dead’ Collector’s Covers


Entertainment Weekly gives up a sneak peek of what star Andrew Lincoln calls the “grown up” fifth season of’The Walking Dead. The four new collector’s covers features the show’s main characters in some interesting action poses photographed by Dylan Coulter.


Steve Yeun and Lauren Cohan, who play the head over heels in love married couple Glenn and Maggie look ready to shoot down some walkers, or the creepy people they came across in Terminus at the end of last season.


Norman ReedusDaryl looks as dirty as ever. Does the “More Kissing?” question refer to him and Beth possibly hooking up?


Dani Gurira as Michonne is always amazing, and of course she got the coolest cover. Can’t wait to see swing her kitana in the new episodes.

The new season of The Walking Dead will premiere on October 12 on AMC. You can read more about it when the issue hits newsstands this Friday.





The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Clear’


We took a break from the prison and Woodbury to follow Rick, Michonne and Carl on their bogus adventure. This was a slow moving episode, but in a good way, unlike ‘I Ain’t A Judus’ which annoyed me a bit. Characters appear and disappear like magic tricks on this show, and while some returns aren’t always welcome, I was pleasantly surprised by the update we got from one person we hadn’t seen since the first episode.


As Michonne drives down the highway, they spot a lone hitchhiker begging for a ride. She speeds past him and then they get stuck in the mud trying to get past a car pile up. While freeing the wheel, Carl tells Rick that he doesn’t trust Michonne. I know little dude is trying position himself as a soldier, but they need Michonne just as much as she needs the. Rick reminds him that they are all in the same predicament and he needs to give her a chance. Just as they free the car, the hitchhiker catches up to them but Rick tells Michonne to keep on driving. They make it all the way back to the police station Rick used to work at, but they find that all the guns are gone. They go into town to see if they can find more weapons and ammo in some of the stores and see the streets covered in booby traps made for walkers. A masked man on top of one of the buildings yells at them to leave, then a shoot out ensues. When he makes his way down to the street, Carl shoots him. They see that he’s wearing body armor, so he’s not dead. When they remove his helmet Rick realizes that it’s Morgan.

They carry him back up to his apartment, which is also rigged with traps. They start to pack up his guns, but Rick doesn’t want to leave until Morgan wakes up. Carl wants to go get a crib for Judith from a nearby baby store and Michonne volunteers to help him. After they leave, Morgan wakes up and attacks Rick with a knife, stabbing him in the shoulder. He tries to make Morgan remember who he is, recalling how Morgan saved his life and when he gave him the walkie talkie. After begging Rick to shoot him, he starts calm down and remember, but unfortunately Morgan has suffered a lot since they last saw each other. Obviously broken, he laments trying to get a hold of Rick but never getting an answer. Then he tells him about how his son Duane died, killed by his own mother who Morgan never had the heart to shoot. In this world, it’s survival of the fittest, but as Morgan says it’s the weak that have inherited the earth.

Back in the town, Carl tries to get rid of Michonne so he can enter a cafe by himself. And what is so important that he would risk his life to go in a walker infested restaurant for? A picture of his family that he wanted the baby to have. It’s a nice sentiment, but Carl was back to being that bratty little kid that just wouldn’t stay his butt in the house last season.

They use one of Morgan’s mouse cages to distract the walkers while they sneak in, but Carl drops the picture on their way out. Michonne swiftly goes back in to retrieve it, and picks up some abstract cat statue. You can still appreciate art after the zombie apocalypse. Rick asks Morgan to come back to the prison with them, but he refuses and tells Rick that he should just keep going. Morgan is, sadly, comfortable where he is and is obviously just tired. He doesn’t want to go on, but has to, and knows that because they’re talking all his guns that the prison can’t possibly be any more safe than where he is.

As they get ready to leave, Carl apologizes to Morgan for shooting him. Morgan tells him to never be sorry. When he asks how things went while they were out, Carl says that Michonne might be one of them. Then she tells Rick that she knows he talks to people and reveals that she used to talk to her old boyfriend, who was one of the walkers she kept on chains. So it seems they’ve all come to a mutual understanding, and I don’t want some sort of relationship between the two, or at least I don’t think there needs to be one. On their way back to the prison Rick sees the remains of the the hitchhiker they didn’t pick up. They stop to collect his backpack and keep driving down the road.

A sad, but poignant episode, I really enjoyed it. Michonne was shown more as a person and not just a sword toting super babe. As annoying as Carl can be, I get why he does the things he does. Well, sometimes. So Rick might not be really going crazy, it’s just that he can’t let go of the past, and seeing Morgan in the state that he’s in might have woken him up a bit.

The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Home’


For those that complain about the lack of zombies on the show sometimes, I’m sure they enjoyed the bloody and heart stopping last minutes of one of the best episodes of the season.

It’s an all out war between The Governor and Rick’s group, but with the Sheriff’s mental state deteriorating and them running out of people to help protect the prison, surviving is even more of a challenge.

A big theme of this show has always been that the living can be scarier than the dead. I mean you could trip a walker and have enough time to run away while it staggers to get up. An angry, one-eyed dude with a vengeance is another story though. So, I don’t care about Andrea at all anymore, but at least she knows how to move up in the ranks. Woodbury’s Hillary Clinton, if you will. She wants to go check on the group at the prison, but The Governor asks her to stay because the people need her. Going by the icy response she got from some of the people guarding the border, they don’t. Later The Governor asks Milton to keep tabs on her, but he sucks at trying to be secretive. I guess what bothers me about Andrea is why even ask for his permission to leave? Just go! I understand wanting to have a somewhat normal life in Woodbury, but no one at the prison has heads in a fish tank.

Still, rightfully, angry about what happened, Glenn plans to ambush The Governor even though Hershel thinks they should just leave the prison. Carol reminds him that they aren’t assassins, foreshadowing the end of the episode. Interestingly enough, Glenn was going through his plan with Carl who was sort of acting as his second in command. With his dad slowly losing it, he knows he has to step up to help protect the group and it looks like we’ll see more of this in the next episode. To make matters worse, the boiler room is overrun with walkers again and they need to find the breach where Tyrese and his group got in, and apparently left from. When Glenn goes to get Maggie so they can canvas the prison, he insists they talk about what The Governor did to her. She tells him she wasn’t raped, but was still violated. It’s not an easy thing for either of them to deal with, but I can understand why Glenn feels guilty, and why Maggie simply doesn’t want to talk about it. Later Beth comes in with the baby and asks her to help with the feeding, and for just a moment there, Maggie wasn’t sad.

Out in the woods, Merle and Daryl bicker over everything because Merle just won’t shut up. As much as Daryl loves his older brother it became clear that he had made he wrong decision in sticking with him. They come across a bridge where a small group are trying to fight off some walkers. Daryl quickly goes to help them, while Merle hesitates, eventually taking out a couple. As a mother sits in the car comforting her crying baby, Merle takes it upon himself to go through their things, because UGH! Daryl holds his gun to Merle’s head to make him get out the car and tells the three to leave, then sets off by himself. They fight in the woods when Merle tells him that he’s become too much like Rick, but Daryl is intent on getting back to the prison. The thing is, Merle is such a shitty person that he knows he won’t be able to live, but he can’t be without his brother again. This moment revealed Daryl’s physical and figurative scars, and that the two were planning to rob the camp back in Season1. It gave us a bit more insight into what used to be pretty one note characters.

Rick has spent most of the day out in the yard, kissing and talking to his dead wife. Watching Michonne witness this, I was half expecting him to put his arms around his waist like he was pretending to make out with someone. I do love the way that Hershel tries to look out for everyone. It’s less obnoxious this season than it was the last. He talks to Rick out at the gate and he tells Hershel that he has been “talking” to Lori and Shane. At least he’s aware that Lori isn’t really there, but still has to know the reason why he has started seeing her. As Carol and Axel talk on the roof, he is shot mid sentence and then there is more gunfire. The Governor and his men fire at them from the yard, forcing Hershel and Rick to take cover in the grass. Then a delivery truck crashes through the gates, unleashing a group of walkers onto the prison. Lucikly Merle and Daryl arrive just in time to help, along with Glenn in the pickup truck. If there was ever a “shit just got real” moment, it was that one.

Oh Axel, I was just starting to like you. I should have known he was going to die because he got more than 2 lines this episode. I really liked him opening up to Carol on the roof and telling her about his fear of guns. You’ll be missed, I think, but maybe Carol should stay away from the other men on this show. One of them always dies or gets hurt when she’s around.