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David Bowie Releases New Single, Announces New Album And Turns 66 While He’s At It.


Ho.Lee.Shit.  David Bowie is playing–wait, HEADLINING Coachella*.  We’ll get back to that craziness.

*Turned out to be a gotdamb hoax.

Were you all left scratching your collective heads yesterday wondering why I didn’t turn Dipped In Cream into a complete David Bowie Free For All Frenzy?  I can’t answer that.  I’ve mentioned that occasionally, really cool things have the opposite effect on me–and I can’t write about them at all. I think this was the case yesterday when I was rather quiet about David Bowie releasing a new single, Where Are We Now and announcing a new album The Next Day on his 66th birthday.

So. Without further ado, let’s take (another!) look at the new video, shall we?


Now. Some people love the video and are moved by the melancholy feeling watching Bowie (whose face–along with a woman who ISN’T Bjork–is digitally projected onto a strange little puppet of sorts) show a weariness as he reminisces about his days in Berlin.  Other folks have not enjoyed the clip, stating it’s “dull”.  Fair enough, if one doesn’t understand the words and German locations and memories he’s seemingly lamenting.

“A man lost in time near KaDaWe,” Bowie sings, referring to the enormous Berlin department store, “just walking the dead.” In the video he grimaces at that point, as though he were making a painful admission, before easing into the open-ended chorus: “Where are we now? / Where are we now? / The moment you know, you know, you know.

 “As long as there’s sun / As long as there’s rain / As long as there’s fire” — but can’t quite give up on the here-and-now, adding exhaustedly, “As long as there’s me / As long as there’s you.”

Also polarizing is the cover of the upcoming album.

“The Next Day”

I see the cover as Bowie acknowledging his past.  Celebrating his past.  Moving forward to The Next Day.

Still Bloody GORGEOUS.

“Throwing shadows and avoiding the industry treadmill is very David Bowie…[he’s] the kind of artist who writes and performs what he wants when he wants,” Columbia Records, Bowie’s label, said in a statement.

David Bowie, taken yesterday in NYC, on his 66th birthday.


Now’s the time I reminisce about seeing David Bowie in concert.  The first time was in 1983.  I was 11 days pregnant with my eldest son, Alex.  (I knew something was up; I was barfy already, thankyouverymuch).



Wearing his banana-yellow suit that matched his hair perfectly, the show was perfection.  Funny thing:  I remember stray red shoes on the floor of the TacomaDome as the audience cleared out.  Get it? “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues…”. Anyone? Bueller?  Fine.

The second concert was for The Reality Tour in 2004 with my other son, Hunter.  (Theoretically, I took one son to each, right?)  I feel like I took him to church.  Or school.  Or a really awesome concert by a 58 year-old English dude I was forcing on him.   (Not so. Hunter loved him.)

Coachella By Night


Let me end this by saying that the very idea of Coachella makes me sweaty, faint and have diarrhea cramps.  I’m not really down with the three-day festival kind of deal.  Patchouli, BO and desert heat? Yeah. No.  HOWEVER. I’m thrilled that David Bowie will be headlining this very cool festival.  By the way, my feelings on three-day festivals have nothing to do with my age. I happen to REQUIRE comfort. The VIP section of this hot mess would not be sufficient.  I just can’t.  But you go right ahead.  Here’s the link for the VIP Package for around $4000.

I kind of love that he turned down performing at the London Olympics.  All these dorks out there thought he was tubed up, underneath some plastic tent…HA! He was bloody recording. Planning. Why on EARTH should he appear with all those other old Brits in 2012?  He did that gig in 1985 called Live Aid.  No need to revisit that crowd.   Genius.  Take it all for yourself.


Distinguished and relevant.

The year 2013 belongs to Bowie.



p.s. I’ll be really mad if this Coachella line-up is a gotdamb rumor, because I NEVER fall for that shit. Like, EVER.  I’m just in a Bowie fog.  So yeah. That’s my excuse if it’s not true.

Shut up.


Will.I.Am Featuring Britney Spears ‘Scream and Shout’ – Brittani’s Thoughts On The Video

Will.i.am and Brit-Brit

Britney Spears premiered the video for her collaboration with Will.i.am on Wednesday night’s ‘The X Factor.’ The song Scream and Shout” is the fifth single released from his album “#willpower,” which will finally be released in early 2013. Everything I just wrote bothers me.

Spears seemed a little nervous before hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez introduced the new video, or maybe that was just her excited face. It’s another repetitive electro-dance-pop song from Will with very little substance.



I don’t get Britney’s accent here, or her Tyra Banks hairdo. She had a good thing going with the bangs, okay. I’m sure the chorus will be stuck in my head anyways.

Check out the video and tell us what you think!


[Sean? Seantelle? Doolittle? Let’s hear it, Boo. ~ DivaJulia]

Lana Del Rey Swims With An Alligator – Official ‘Blue Jeans’ Video

One truly doesn’t need a PhD in psychology to understand the dark undertones of my darling Lana Del Rey’s video for Blue Jeans. The video, shot in dreamy black and white, transports us once again to a time that doesn’t entirely feel like today, but rather Lana Time.  Perhaps the moment in time is best described in Lana’s own words, L.A.Crass.

Would someone please hit the lights so we can watch together as a class?

So.  How do we feel about this video? Aside from the cinematic beauty and Lana’s eyes alternately expressing love, sadness, calm and perhaps dread, I don’t believe the Blue Jeans boy murdered Lana, as some music reviewers are claiming.  (How banal and literal can one get?)  Rather, I see a vivid portrayal the sometimes wild appeal of a potentially dangerous relationship evolves into–be it sexual, physical and most certainly emotional.

Alligators can be interpreted as predatory lovers in our dreams:

An alligator, like a crocodile, in dreams is a symbol of primitive male sexuality, due to its large tail, rigid skin and aggressive behavior during mating season. It is a dangerous animal, which “lurks” in murky water, and can attack without warning. They are common symbols for an aggressive suitor or someone who was or may be hurtful in a romantic relationship.

We, the voyeurs, are peeking through the bushes and witnessing what most of us have experienced ourselves: a deep, crazed, unhealthy relationship that feels like it may kill us slowly with each passing day, but it feels horribly exhilarating and addictive. We truly feel we will “love you til the end of time” during that ultimately destructive bondage.

Raise your hand if you prefer a healthy, loving and drama-free relationship.  That said, I love reading Lana’s “diaries”, don’t you?