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Check Out Gwen Stefani’s New Video For ‘Baby Don’t Lie’


Our favorite Hollaback Girl is back with new music! Gwen Stefani premiered the video for her latest single “Baby Don’t Lie” earlier this week, giving us a taste of what’s to come with her forthcoming solo album. The clip, directed by Sophie Muller, who also directed a handful of videos for No Doubt, features Stefani walking along a glitchy, colorful landscape. It’s hypnotizing, and might it give you a headache, but it’s pure Gwen. Check it out!

You can buy the Benny Blanco produced track on iTunes now. The song is catchy, and becomes a bit of an earworm after a couple of listens, but there is already a bit of controversy surrounding it. According to fans of Swedish pop singer Ji Nilsson, “Baby Don’t Lie” sounds a lot like her song “Heartbreakfree.” You can head over to Spin.com to compare Nilsson’s song with Gwen’s. Let’s hope all of the tracks she did with fellow ‘The Voice‘ coach Pharrell Williams have original beats.

‘God Only Knows’ Beautiful Beach Boys Remake For BBC Music Launch – Pharrell, Stevie, One Direction, Lorde, Elton, Dave And More!

'God Only Knows'
‘God Only Knows’

Photo: BBC Music

First things first: I’ve never been a huge Beach Boys fan…like, at ALL. I own it and admit it. Full disclosure. Having said that, ‘God Only Knows’ is a lovely song–especially here with this amazing celebratory adaptation for the BBC Music Launch by a gazillion flawless artists, along with Brian Wilson himself.

Take a moment and watch and turn it up to 11. (Is that still a thing?) Anyway…

For more in-depth info, please check out the article on BBC Music. It’s really fantastic.

Song Of The Day – Paolo Nutini ‘Let Me Down Easy’

Paolo Nutini - Dipped In Cream's Boo
Paolo Nutini – Dipped In Cream’s Boo

Oh, Babydoll. This song right here, y’all. I’ll let you listen and watch one of DiC’s many Boos, Paolo Nutini.

Right? Whooooboy. This song makes me wanna put on my pointy heels, a tight dress and sing back-up for Paolo.  Now 27, Paolo is growing into his raspy and sexy voice. And daaayum if he ain’t even prettier. (I think I’ll apply to write for Tiger Beat Magazine next week.)  I hear a Marvin Gaye influence…in a GOOD way; not a Robin Thicke stealer-way.

I’m making a road trip set-list for our annual trip to our other home in Sun Valley, Idaho. It’s gonna be a great ride with my Silver Fox and our pups, Mick and James.

Do you love this new sound of Paolo’s?