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Aaron Paul to Star In ‘Need for Speed’

Emmy Award Winner, Aaron Paul

With Breaking Bad winding down next year, fans of the show will be pleased to hear Aaron Paul will star in DreamworksNeed for Speed.

John Gatins (Real Steel, Coach Carter) will pen the script, inspired by the racing car video games. Set for a February 2014 release, the movie will be directed by Scott Waugh (Act of Valor).

Paul has won 2 Emmys for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman in the much beloved AMC series.

Photo via Diddy

If his film career doesn’t pan out he always has Puff. (Or Diddy. Or Sean. Whatever.)

How appropriate!

Or he could try his luck on The Price is Right again.

Paul Rudd Irritates Ray Lewis for Madden NFL ’13

Ray Lewis and Paul Rudd

Lord knows I loathe the football…but He also knows I LOVE the Paul Rudd.  Watching one of my imaginary boyfriends annoy the crap outta Ray Lewis by slurrrrrping and yakkin’ about “Black and Yellow”  ad nauseum is purdy darn funny.

Uh-oh. Paul’s JUMPING on the couch?

via YahooSports:

If you aren’t familiar, Rudd is referencing Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow,” the Pittsburgh-centric jam that swept Pittsburgh and annoyed Baltimore around the time the Pittsburgh Steelers were heading into the playoffs last season. Ray Lewis, dominating linebacker for the rival Baltimore Ravens, likely did not love the song.

Madden NFL 13 rops this week.  Tuesday, August 28th to be exact.

Like I even care.