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Versace Spring 2013 At Milan Fashion Week


Donatella Versace offered up another sexy Versace collection, but this one was a bit more understated than previous seasons. Instead of body-hugging red carpet ready gowns, there were flow-y dresses paired with gladiator heels, very South Beach.


There were also a number of lace embroidered pieces, including a very cool pair of fitted white jeans.


The show closed with a couple of colorful 70’s inspired numbers, showcasing the bright hues Gucci and Moschino also showed on the runway.


I especially liked the short, gold disco dress worn by model Kati Nescher.

Lady Gaga – ‘Edge of Glory’ Official Video


Gaga in Vintage Gianni Versace

Go take a look at Lady Gaga’s new video for Edge of Glory.  I’ll be over here.

I’m reading a lot of hate about the latest video from Gaga–everything from “what’s with the 80’s SAX player?

Clarence "The Big Man" Clemons and Bruce Springsteen

I’ll tell you what’s up, kids–that’s 69 year old CLARENCE CLEMONS from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street BandLook it UP, Donna. (By the way, The Big Man suffered a stroke earlier this week and is still listed in serious condition.)

MJ dancing down the street...

I’ll agree that Edge of Glory didn’t give me goosebumps like Bad Romance or Born This Way, but I appreciate the 80’s feel of the video.  Oh, nostalgia.  It reminded me of MJ’s Billie Jean, Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got to Do With It, and even Terri Nunn from the 80’s band Berlin.

Miss Tina Turner

Terri Nunn from the 80's band BERLIN

I also appreciate the low-budget sound stage feel–the fire escape and window, dancing down a dark, wet city street–you know, like three-quarters of every 80’s video ever to air on MTV.  I believe it’s called an HOMAGE?

Do your homework before you start bitching about something you clearly know nothing about.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Berlin for “The Tourist” – The Dress

Velvet Versace

Okay.  How do y’all feel about Angelina’s sleeve/gloved black velvet Versace dress?  I. LOVE. IT.

A GENIUNE laughing smile!!

Photos: via HuffPo

I realize some folks may not care for the whole sleevey-glovey combo, but I think it’s genius.  Of course all of us are wondering about the whole “bathroom/loo situation”, aren’t we?  Let me tell you something:  I guaranTEE that dress is easier to maneuver than shoehorning my blubber back into my Spanx in a tiny stall.

Hey. If I looked like THIS, I wouldn't NEED Spanx!

Not even kidding.