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Michael Jackson Trial Verdict – AEG NOT Liable In Singer’s Death

MJ during the AEG Press Conference announcing 'This Is It' Tour
MJ during the AEG Press Conference announcing ‘This Is It’ Tour


So The Jackson Family can just put those deposit slips away. I’m not referring to Michael’s kids–they are all financially set for their lives, and their children’s children’s lives, they are, in my view, victims in this entire mess.  I’m talking about all the rest of ’em Jermaine, LaToya, et al who were always looking for a handout, or poaching some dumbass scheme to get their mitts on MJ’s estate.


Brian Panish, attorney for the Michael Jackson family
Brian Panish, attorney for the Michael Jackson family

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via LATimes.com

“The jury in the Michael Jackson wrongful-death case found that AEG Live hired Conrad Murray, the doctor who gave the pop star a fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol.

But they determined that Murray was not unfit, which means AEG is not liable in Jackson’s death and will not have to pay hundreds of millions in compensation to the family. 

…The 12-person jury was also deciding whether Jackson’s mother and three children should be awarded economic and personal damages. An expert for the family testified that economic damages should be more than $1 billion. The attorneys said each of the Jackson children should be awarded $85 million in personal damages.

The case, which delved into Jackson’s drug use, his emotional state and his physical health, never strayed far from the central question of whether it was the singer himself who was to blame for his own demise by insisting on hiring the doctor who killed him, or AEG for directing and controlling the physician.”

Oh, and Michael Jackson was a grown-ass man.  If he had wanted help with his addictions, he could have gotten help.  

What are YOUR thoughts on this matter?