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I know it’s Election Night and all, but I got my hair did at Sugardaddy’s Salon, y’all.


I have an image in my head of President Obama, curled up on the floor in the fetal position, near the toilet in the Oval Office bathroom…crying a little.  Maybe trying not to throw up.  Shoes untied; the normally crisp white shirt, untucked and wrinkled with Taco Bell hot sauce spilled down the front.  The poor thing.  It looks like the Republicans have taken back the House of Representatives.

But guess what else happened today?  Yeah.  I got mah herrrre did, y’all!!  And it looks pretty amazing.  I think I’ll share a few photos from my haircut, because it’s waaaay more interesting than Election Night results, right?

Oh, James...makin' Mama laugh.
I love my Sugardaddy, James, that Hot Piece.
With a snip snip here....

Then James handed me over to Katy, whom I’ve known for years (she went to school with my son, Hunter) and got a great big, teased Valley of the Dolls-ish head.

The Awesome KATY!

(I felt badly for her because it takes bloody forEVER to dry this heeeeed. Oy.)

Good Lord...


Oh. Gurrrrl.

Neely O’Hara: “I want a doll! I want a doll!”

Thank you for  everything and I love you, Boys…xoxo ~ j  **wink wink**