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Samuel L. Jackson Wants You To ‘Wake The F*** Up’ And Vote

Mr. Jackson would like you to V O T E

If there is anyone that can get people to go out and rock the vote, it’s Samuel L. Jackson. In a parody of his reading of the “Go The F*** To Sleep” book for parents, Jackson appears in the home of a young girl who is worried about this year’s election. He then goes on to berate her parents, siblings and even her elderly grandparents to wake up and vote.

The video was sponsored by Jewish Council for Education and Research clearly states that it wasn’t authorized by either candidate, but it is a sort of Left leaning campaign commercial. Adam Mansbach, who wrote “Go The F*** To Sleep” also wrote the script for the ad and says:

My hopes are that the video helps … remind people of Obama’s accomplishments and the stakes of this election, and galvanize people to get out and get active.

The video is NSFW, so headphones up! If you haven’t already, and why the f*** haven’t you, you can register to vote here!