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The Voice Recap, The Final 3 Perform

The Voice’ is almost done for the season, and the Top 3 had one last chance to fight for America’s vote. The contestants revisited their most memorable performances with songs chosen by their coaches, who they also sang with. So we got a lot of country, and a little bit of rock n’ roll, but it was all good.

At the top of the show, UsherAdam LevineShakira and Blake Shelton joined forces for “With A Little Help From My Friends” where Ursh delivered the note of the night. I also like how he and Adam were trying to out-falsetto each other. Also, check out Shakira’s knee high boots!

The Swon Brothers have come a long way, and even if they don’t take home the big prize they have the distinction of being the only duo to make it this far in the show’s history. They kicked things off with the classic “Danny’s Song,” which Shelton picked as their “defining moment” performance. The brothers did a great job with this again and their coach guaranteed that they would be playing this on the radio back in Oklahoma. I don’t know about that, but it was good.

Blake performed “Celebrity” by Brad Paisley with them, and this worked well with a trio. While hanging out with their parents, the Swon mama talked about how they would discipline the two by making them write songs together when they misbehaved. Well that definitely paid off. For their last song, “I Can’t Tell You Why” by The Eagles, they brought out the strong harmonies which made a believer out of Adam who didn’t like the last Eagles tune they did. Overall it was a solid last showing from The Swon Brothers.

Blake also has Danielle Bradbery still in the game, so he’s in the same position he was in last year. I think he might have a better chance of winning with Bradbery, she’s a young, blonde Country singer. She’s pretty marketable. “Maybe It Was Memphis” was chosen has “defining moment” song. She appeared more confident here and rocked another pair of those rhinestoned cowboy boots. Shakira even showed her support by donning a cowboy hat.

Danielle was joined by Shelton for “Timber, I’m Falling In Love” by Patty Loveless. If you ignore the fact that this love song was sung by a thirty-something year old married man and a sixteen year old, it was really nice. For her last solo song it was “Born To Fly” by Sara Evans. Now, Danielle is a good singer, but I think my issue with her has been that she did a lot of these soaring country ballads throughout the season. It got a little boring after a while. She aced this one though, earning the praises of the judges and lots of votes I’m sure.

Finally, our girl Michelle Chamuel. I don’t agree with Usher that Taylor Swift‘s “I Knew You Were Trouble” was her “defining moment” performance. He should have chosen “Time After Time” or “Grenade,” where she really had some incredible moments. Still, Michelle rocked it out with the band and made this song a little less annoying for me. As Carson Daly pointed out, Michelle got the loudest applause of the and Shakira said that she was glad that she had made it this far in the competition. We are too!

For her collabo with coach Usher, they sang U2‘s “One.” Again, not a song I would have chosen but they killed it, and the shot of Usher in the audience with the all the hands clapping along was striking.

Her last solo was Annie Lennox‘s “Why” where she stood on stage in all white with a video image of herself in a mirror. I think Michelle got the best, and most original, staging of the season. It fit her personality, her growth as an artist on the show, and most importantly her voice.

The Final 3, along with this season’s past contestants, had their last group performance, until the finale, with “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. It was nice seeing my girl Judith Hill again and I look forward to Tuesday night’s finale.

So after their last big performances, who do you think will be crowned the winner?

Casting News: Jane Fonda Returns to TV & A Search for James Brown

Jane Fonda


After a guest starring role in HBO’s The Newsroom Jane Fonda is returning to TV.  The project, currently titled Now What? by Abby Gewanter (Pushing Up Daisies) is for ABC and will cast the First Lady of Aerobics as a 1/2 of a cantankerous mother/daughter duo.

Let’s hope it fares better than $hi+ My Dad Says, which I thought aired a handful of episodes, but was in fact on for 18.

The James Brown Biopic to be produced by Mick Jagger

Moving to the big screen, Deadline reports that a big screen treatment of James Brown is in the works.

The film will follow the singer from his impoverished beginnings  in rural Georgia to the height of his global super stardom. As opposed to other biopics (Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrix) the Brown Family is on board. Let’s be glad that fractured bunch can agree on something!

Written by Jez and John-Henry Butterworth (Fair Game), Brian Grazer and Mick Jagger will lend star and industry power while Tate Taylor (The Help) direct.

With the behind the scenes pieces in place, the big challenge will be finding an actor with the charisma to convince audiences he is The Godfather of Soul.

Eddie Murphy’s James Brown days on SNL, were long ago. But he was said to have been very disappointed by his 2007 Academy Award loss for Dreamgirls, so maybe he will lobby for the role in hopes of Oscar glory. Usher is another possibility…

Who do you think should play James Brown?

Eva Longoria Naked at The Chateau Marmont

Having already established my obsession with the goings on at The Chateau Marmont, you can imagine my excitement about a new coffee table book shot at the hotel.

Usher pretending to sleep.

Fashion and beauty photographer Jork Weismann’s Asleep at The Chateau features varies celebrities in various states of dress. Orlando Bloom, Justin Theroux (better known these days as Mr. Aniston, but I loved him in Mulholland Drive) and Eva Longoria’s bare behind. Mark Sanchez will no doubt be given additional rounds of locker room applause.

Eva Longoria. Yep, we showed it!

I think the premise thin, hackneyed and found the few pictures I have seen uninspiring.  Finding it under the Christmas Tree would still make me happy.

Asleep at The Chateau will be published on November 30, 2012.