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Jennifer Lopez – DUMPED by her record label; Cannot compete with current female artists

JLo Dumped

It’s being reported that Sony Music Epic Records has dropped Jennifer Lopez–and that it was not a mutual decision.

Let’s all think back to 1999.  What were doing?  We were watching Carson Daly on MTV’s TRL, that’s what.  Backstreet Boys, N*sync, Britney, Christina and Jennifer Lopez, who showed us her fine ass with If You Had My Love , were all the rage.  I loved how natural and at ease, but still very sexy, Jen was in her first solo video:

Loved the song, loved Jennifer (before Puffy dubbed her “JLo”).   But that was 11 years ago.  Jen’s not as likable as an artist, and apparently she’s not as bankable.   Girlfriend just cannot compete with the likes of Lady Gaga or Beyonce`.  Her “performance” on the AMAs a couple months ago, was at best, average.  She even managed to fall on that famous tush of hers.

Sadly, I feel that her personal life may have played a small part in her musical downfall.  Remember all that Ben Affleck crap?  And now her marriage to Skeletor, Marc Anthony?  He’s a little, possessive creep, if you ask me.   Oh, let’s not forget how La Lopez blabbed to the media recently about how she totally thought she should have been nominated for an Academy Award for El Cantante?? Oh GAWD.

So all that baggage probably didn’t help Jennifer stay on track with her singing career…that, and she doesn’t really sing (live) very well.