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It’s Here! It’s Here! Urban Decay’s ‘Naked3’ Is Here!



Urban Decay has struck gold with their ‘Naked’ line of cosmetics. Every time there’s even a whisper of new products in said line, beauty addicts the world over (myself included), collectively lose their bloody minds. So it was something of a disappointment when UD released a teaser video for their new ‘Naked3’ palette that consisted of, essentially, not a goddamned thing. Inappropriately titled, “The Truth About Naked3”, the only truth I felt revealed was that UD is relying solely on hype in order to whet our appetites now. That, my friends, is lazy and uncool, beneath than many of us have come to expect from the company. What even is this mess?


Frankly, it’s 27 seconds of my life I’ll never get back. There are no clear hints as to what the product is or what colors are included; as extensive as the collection has become, including foundations and blush, that’s something fairly necessary. I was so excited before I pressed ‘start’ and so pissed off afterwards. Why even bother, UD? This teaser was a waste of time and production costs when a mere photo of the aforementioned palette would’ve been enough to make UD fans pant in anticipation.


ud box


That all being said, the palette itself looks to be absolutely GORGEOUS. The one thing I love about UD’s products is the quality. Add the range of shades they include with each eyeshadow palette and it’s hard to claim that the company doesn’t deserve the loyal following they’ve acquired. My first thought at seeing ‘Naked3’, which was earlier than Urban Decay planned due to a snafu by Sephora Paris, was that it was…pretty. But I didn’t really need it as I have both the ‘Naked’ and ‘Naked2’ palettes, right? Then swatches started popping up online and if it’s possible to need adult diapers in reaction to makeup, I needed them right then. THE ROSE HUES. MAUVE-LIKE SHADES ALL DAY, ER’RY DAY. I SUDDENLY NEEDED THAT PALETTE TO LIVE. Damn it, UD. You’ve done it again.




Word on the beauty blogosphere is that, while UD may have dropped the ball in terms of marketing, the actuality of ‘Naked3’ ($52 USD) is exactly what we’ve come to expect. It’s a perfect addition to the ‘Naked’ family and filled with never-before-seen eyeshadow shades. Too, a dual-ended shadow brush will be included, along with decent sample/travel sizes of all 4 of their famous primer potions. The fact that the palette sold out on UrbanDecay in less than 6 hours is surprising to no one, but have no fear! It’s likely that the palette will be back in stock within a week and it’ll be available at your local Sephora soon. Now you know what you want for Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah/etc. You’re welcome.