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Teaser Trailer for Baz Lurhmann’s ‘Great Gatsby’ With Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby McGuire and Carey Mulligan

The Great Gatsby (Version 2.0)


Baz Lurhmann’s Moulin Rouge Does New YorkGreat Gatsby” trailer is up and running.  I’ve kind of been a sour-puss about this remake in the first place, because my SilverFox husband’s uncle, Gene Ruldolf was the Art Director in the original film starring Mia Farrow and Robert Redford. **coughBigBraggercough**  

Oh, and remember, this new film will be in 3-D. Hmmmmm.   Take a look.


Wow. That’s a far-cry from the white, airiness of the original film, innit?  I’m going to back-pedal a bit though. I really do like Baz’s films.  I still love Romeo+JulietSo, let’s just wait and see.

In the meantime…remember this?? I cannot hear Baz Lurhmann’s name without thinking of this classic Reno 911 episode.  I know, the cross-referenced Rolodex in my head is cray-cray.

Bradley Cooper in Talks to Star in ‘The Crow’ Remake

Bradly Cooper as Eric Draven?
Brandon Lee = Eric Draven/The Crow

Okay look, I like Bradley Cooper.  In fact, you could say I fancy him quite a bit, but I can’t get down with this remake. Hollywood is on a rebooting wave, and The Crow is next.  Bradley Cooper is in early negotiations to star in Relativity’s remake, which is going to be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Fresnadillo reportedly met Cooper in Spain recently and the two hit it off.  So this already seems like more than a done deal.

Brandon Lee

The role of Eric Draven was originally played by Brandon Lee in the 1994 adaptation of the comic book. Lee was killed on set when was shot in the abdomen with a blank cartridge in a prop gun.  No word yet on if this character will return in the remake, or if it will be another “Crow” like in the sequels. Vincent Perez, Eric Mabius and Edward Furlong (when did that happen?) starred in the sequels.

I guess the upside to this is that the soundtrack could be really good. Nine Inch Nails and Stone Temple Pilots appeared on the soundtrack for the first film, while Hole, White Zombie and Bush appeared on the City of Angels soundtrack. Also, Cooper does have that body.

[Editor’s Note: I (DivaJulia) am an absolute FREAK over the original film with the perfect BRANDON LEE (RIP). I just CAN’T with this mess.  I refused to see any of the sequels/prequels or whatever they were that were made.  They smacked of exploitation of Brandon’s death…and I won’t be seeing this film either.  I’m still heartbroken over Brandon’s tragic and completely avoidable death. Please watch this video of Brandon’s last interview.]

Photos by: jaBrink/Dipped in Cream

Lakeview Cemetery - Seattle, Washington

These words are from Brandon's last interview...posted above.

Bruce and Brandon - Buried together in Seattle

Nearly every time I’m in the city, I stop to visit Bruce and Brandon… ~ j

Baz Luhrmann to remake “The Great Gatsby”? (Eyeroll…)

Redford and Farrow (Photo: Rex Features)
Great Gatsby Pictures, Images and Photos
Really? Why do we need a remake??

OhforPITY.  Seriously?  Is this necessary?  A remake of The Great Gatsby is in the works at the grubby hands of Baz Luhrmann.  Will there be red curtains?  Pop songs on the soundtrack?  Sigh.

via Deadline.com

“While Baz Luhrmann hasn’t settled on whether he’ll make The Great Gatsby his next film, he workshopped the adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel that he wrote with frequent collaborator Craig Pearce. I’m told that Leonardo DiCaprio read the role of Gatsby, Tobey Maguire read Nick Carraway, and that The Town star Rebecca Hall read the role of Daisy.

The picture is set up at Sony Pictures Entertainment and the reading went well, I’m told. Luhrmann workshops every script he’s considering and there’s no guarantee those actors will wind up starring in the film. Reports have mentioned Amanda Seyfried as a possible Daisy and I’ve heard Baz is sweet on Natalie Portman. Luhrmann and Catherine Martin are producing with Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher.”

The ICONIC Jay Gatsby (Robert Redford)

I am warning you right now–I’m about to be snooty and a total name-dropper, but at least I’m owning it, mmmkay?  My husband’s uncle, Eugene Rudolf was the Art Director for this classic 1974 film.  Even if you watch the movie with the SOUND OFF, it’s bloody gorgeous.  (Gene was nominated for an Oscar for his art direction for the 1983 epic, The Right Stuff….and to quote my BFF Patrick, “faaah fah faaaaah fah faaaaaah!”  That’s Snooty Talk.

So NO, and hell no, thankyouverymuch.  Some things are sacred.