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Suri Cruise is a Christmas Brat

The Wrath of Suri!

Here we go. First let me start by saying that Tom and Katie’s daughter, Suri will be SIX years old in April. SIX YEARS OLD.

Making a scene at FAO Schwartz in NYC...

Here’s the thing: Seattle USED to have an FAO Schwartz, and I took both of my boys there when they little. How-bloody-EVER. I had a CHAT with them prior to entering the establishment. If they whined, begged or misbehaved, we were OUT OF THERE, vite rapidement.   It worked.  AND they usually got a little something for their gentlemanly behavior. (They knew how to work the system even then.)

What I’m saying is–sure, my kids were/are spoiled.  But at least they had the decency not to throw fits in public when they were little


Ugh.  Look at the smugness.  One more thing: if you Google “Suri Cruise Brat“, Dipped in Cream is the first link.  I’m pretty smug about THAT.  Snap!

Photos: IMF/ONTD

Suri Cruise STILL Has a Pacifier?

Wait just a second...WHAT?

That KID is on my last good nerve again.  (See Brody from Mallrats for a refresher coarse on my tone of voice.)

For the love of Xenu.  Bare legs, Burberry coat and a BINKY?  Really, Katie?  Does this child (and Tom, durrr)  have you so browbeaten and tyrannized that you just take the easy road?  Suri will be FIVE YEARS OLD April 18th, just in case you’re unaware.

via ninemsn.com

“…(while) four-year-old Suri threw a whopper of a tantrum on an outing with her mum Katie Holmes and sister Isabella in Toronto last week, digging her heels in, stamping her feet and pulling away from Katie.

It was big sis Isabella who finally calmed down little Suri on the girls’ shopping trip, offering the pouting preschooler her favourite security blanket, while an embarrassed Katie, 31, watched on. (Suri), who is fast developing a reputation for getting what she wants when she wants it – and dropping her famous bottom lip when she doesn’t.”

This is your destiny, Katie…or worse, because this was staged. Watch it…

Let’s go to Starbucks, Suri’s buying!


"I got this."

Kids these days–they grow up so fast.  Little Suri Cruise was hanging out in Vancouver with her nanny and bodyguard when she decided to treat them to some Starbucks. I’m not kidding. The 4-year-old paid for not only her small order, but for the drinks of her caretakers.

"So I says to Sedaris, I says..."

Then Suri sat around talking about how the new TV On The Radio single isn’t as good as “Dancing Choose“,  and how she thought Black Swan was overrated.

Oh my GOD, this little…person.  She totally would go to Starbucks, because Tim Horton’s is so passe`. Earlier that day she visited a library with her dad, probably checked out the new latest David Sedaris book , then had dinner with him at Joe Fortes Steakhouse.

That (faux, she asked for a real mink one) fur coat she’s wearing is by French kid’s clothing company Eliane et Lena. The coat costs about $170 US.


Stinky feet and scabby knees.

[Editor’s Note to be read in Brody’s voice from the classic Mallrats: That KID is not wearing tights or SOCKS again! I can smell the stink from here!]

Gotdammit. I totally hijacked Brittani’s post. Sorry. You know how I feel about this child.  ~  DivaJulia