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Another one of Jesse James’s “side projects”? Who’s THAT bitch?

Who's THAT bitch?

Clearly NO, this isn’t one of Jesse’s side pieces, because there are no breast implants to be found, nor is Whore Lawyer, Gloria Alred sidled up to this hot mess.   CRAP.  I thought I had found yet another one of Jesse’s white trash slags.

It’s Trace Cyrus, Sweet Little Miley’s older brother! HAHAHHAA!  Jesus wept, this dude is uglier than Marilyn Manson–but don’t be fooled; they’re both members of a very elite club:  The Horseface Stable.

Trace? Marilyn? Just flip a GD coin.
"Waaaahld horsesssss..."
Any chance I GET to post this, I will. The End.

Of course, SJP is the Secratariat Secretary of this special organization.  Don’t lie. You’re jealous you’re not a member.

I know.  Me, either.