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Lindsay Lohan’s Accuser On Twitter? Amanda Rae Says So!

Lindsay Lohan and her bitchslap accuser, Tiffany Mitchell


I probably would have forgotten Tiffany Mitchell’s name in a few days if she hadn’t favorited a passing comment I tweeted about her while on one of my Lindsay Lohan twitter rants.

The 28-year-old Florida-based psychic, who was allegedly punched by Lohan in an altercation at Club Avenue in New York’s Chelsea last Thursday morning used her newly created twitter account not only to claim her innocence, but also as a platform to unleash a stream of slanderous comments about Lohan, her family, and her work.

Probably not the smartest idea for someone who has hired high profile attorney Gloria Allred to represent her case. So the question remains, was this a colossal lapse in judgement, or just an extremely lucrative fake account?

Based on the activity on the account that I witnessed Sunday afternoon, I think all signs point to the former. But you be the judge.



After tweeting that the “truth will come out” because her “words are spirit and they are life,” Mitchell sent a tweet directly to both of Lindsay’s parents, stating that their daughter is a “danger to herself and society,” and that she “has negative energy and black spirits surrounding her.”


Sounds about right coming from someone who calls themselves a professional palm reader. Naturally, her comments sent the always vocal Michael Lohan into a tailspin and thus began a good hour of argumentative banter.


As Mr. Lohan, along with his girlfriend, Kate Major, as well as hoards of Lohan fans fired questions and accusations at the @TiffMitchell1 account, tweets were posted taking pot shots at Lindsay’s history of substance abuse, as well as her performance in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick, which premiered just last weekend to negative reviews.


Although they flew freely, Mitchell refrained from addressing comments made alleging that the reason she approached Lindsay at Avenue in the first place was to distract her so that other members of her party could steal her purse. Reports have recently stated that this is the reason Lohan called Mitchell a ‘gypsy’ and attacked her in the first place. Although she admits to referring to Mitchell as a ‘gypsy’ but not realizing it was a racial slur, Lohan denies ever striking her.

Presumably as her interactions page blew up, Mitchell realized that anything she says can and will be used against her, and the majority of the tweets were abruptly deleted.

he jury is still out on how much help Michael Lohan has been to his daughter recently vs. how much he hurts her in the media, but Lohan did tell me exclusively that he managed to save all of Mitchell’s deleted tweets about Lindsay and the altercation.

Before slinking back into silence, Mitchell did manage to post one last tweet:


“I was advised to deactivate my account. I WILL have my day in court. God Bless. -TMxx”

Maybe she will, and maybe she won’t. But either way, I know I can’t wait to hear how it plays out.

**Big thanks to @JSquatriglia and @HolliiYO for the screencaps.

One Direction vs. The Wanted – Twitter Fight! Ana Knows What’s Up!

So it seems that One Direction’s Zayn Malik, 19, and The Wanted’s Max George, 24, got into a bit of a spat on Twitter recently!


Zayn Malike and Max George


It all began after Malik (pictured left) called George “a geek” after he had tweeted a picture of himself with R&B star Usher. 

Max hashtagged a picture of himself with pop sensation Psy with #geekandproud, so who knows if Zayn was just kidding, and Max was poking fun right back, but their twitter banter resulted in Max tweeting to Zayn to “grow up son”, and Zayn dubbing Max, “Chlamydia Boy”.  Ew.

Oh, snap!

Max also told Zayn to, “Stay off the bud… It clearly makes u cranky.”

Both have since deleted the twitter exchange but have left up tweets alluding that there was no drama, and that it was ‘just flirting’:

. . . erm, what?

Max’s band-mates have defended him saying that Zayn’s STD comment isn’t factual, and that there isn’t drama between the bands — so why delete the tweets, eh?

Radio station, y100’s, Jingle Ball is on December 8, 2012 and both bands are on the playbill so if there’s any true animosity between the boys, I’m sure there’ll be some drama then!

I love Twitter dramz, and you’re welcome for that naked picture of Max!

xoxox – Ana

Chris Brown Quits Twitter After Vulgar Rant Aimed At Comedy Writer Jenny Johnson

Breezy–always a kind word for the ladies, right Jenny?

Photo: GettyImages/Twitter/Huffpo

Here we go.  Another Twitter War.  ‘Tis the Season, after all, my babies.  Thankfully, I follow Jenny Johnson on Twitter, and we were privy to the bitchery via JJ’s timeline:  Let’s read through the fancy words together as a class, shall we?  As is the protocol when reading a Twitter War, one must scroll DOWN to the BEGINNING…and READ UP.  Okay. Go.


Chris Brown’s tender, heartfelt words never fail to cause a single tear to fall down my cheek.

Honestly.  He’ll be back to further inform Team Breezy how misunderstood he is. Uh huh.  He will.

Bless his heart.