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Celine Dion reveals the names of her twin boys

Celine with husband, Rene and son "RC"

Okay everyone.  Simmer down now.  WE HAVE THE NAMES of zee tweeeens!  [Drumroll]  NELSON and EDDY. The babies were also allowed to go home today with their family.  Their rep told People Magazine, “Céline and the twins went home last night.  Everyone’s doing great. They are happy to be home.”

Here’s a little more info (than you probably care to read) on how the babies’ names were chosen:


— Quebec’s most famous diva has revealed the names of her twins.

Celine Dion announced the names in an interview with TVA network.

One will be called “Nelson,” named after the great South African anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela. The other is “Eddy,” after the French songwriter Eddy Marnay.

The interview, conducted by family friend Julie Snyder, was recorded on Oct. 13, shortly before Dion gave birth.

The highly sentimental production was sprinkled with scenes of family moments.

After several attempts with assisted reproduction, Dion and husband Rene Angelil had their second and third children on Oct. 23.

The late Marnay, whose career took off when the legendary Edith Piaf sang one of his songs, helped launch Dion to stardom.  He heard a recording of Dion when she was 13 and was instantly mesmerized. He agreed to produce her first songs. The Algerian-born songwriter died in 2003.

Wasn’t there an old-timey singer/actor by the name of NELSON EDDY waaaaaay back in the day?  I’m old, but I ain’t THAT old, y’all.

Yeah. I knew it.