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“Twilight Saga: Eclipse” gets widest domestic release EVER in Hollywood history! PICTURES

"Eclipse" is gonna make a butt-load. The End.
Sparkly and Surly. (AKA Edward and Bella?)

Oh boy….today is The Day for the Twihards.  Clearly, I’m not a Twitard (not sure that was a typo–don’t hate), but I do have an Edward doll down in my guest room that belongs to my Best Gay, Patrick.  So, I suppose you could say that we are Team Edward?  Oh, wait.  Patrick has switched teams (not in that way, you homosexuals)!  He actually likes Taylor Snoutner Lautner now.  Fickle gay.  Redundant much?

Oh. Dear. Lord.

ANYgay.   Sounds like Eclipse is gonna spray through the roof, so to speak.

via MTV.com:

“Deadline Hollywood reports that “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” has already earned its first record without even officially landing in theaters. According to the report, “Eclipse” is currently slated to open in 4,416 theaters across North America, making it the single widest domestic release in Hollywood history. That same record was most recently held by Marvel Studios and Paramount’s “Iron Man 2,” which initially unspooled in 4,380 locations. Before that, “The Dark Knight” held the record in 2008 with 4,366 theaters.

There is currently no official count of how many locations plan to launch “Eclipse” with midnight showings on Wednesday (June 30).

Having already sunk its fangs into one record, the David Slade-directed “Eclipse” is well poised to cement its status in Hollywood history as it launches into theaters this week. In November, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” enjoyed a massive $140 million opening weekend, more than doubling the initial numbers for the first “Twilight” film. With the summer season in full session, there’s no telling how much damage “Eclipse” could do at the box office.”

Okay.  If there are any Twightlight fans out there, feel free to email your review of Eclipse at: divajulia@dippedincream.com, mmkay?  Maybe y’all will get published!

“Runaways” Premiere – Kristin Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie

Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart
Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart on the Red Carpet at the premiere of "The Runaways"
Kristen Stewart with THE Joan Jett
Joan, Kristen, Dakota and Cherie

Ahhhh yes.  The four hot bitches all together for the premiere of The Runaways, held at the ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in Hollywood Thursday night.  I gotta say, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie still look fantastic.  Did y’all know that Cherie is a CHAINSAW carver? She uses a chainsaw to carve pieces of art.  Yeah.  Anyway.  She. Looks. HOT.

Here’s the original “Cherry Bomb” by The (real) Runaways:

…and Dakota and KStew’s version:

Which do we prefer?  While we’re on the subject, who remembers the 1980 film, “Foxes” starring Jodie Foster, Scott Baio, Randy Quaid and Cherie Currie??

Put in your queue, y’all. It’s a little dated, but still good–and Cherie was luminous. Yes, after all these years, I still do have a girl-crush on Cherie. You caught me.

“Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Trailer – FINALLY.

Sexy times!

I don’t usually dip my toe into the “Twilight” swill, but this is for Patrick…and all the other girls out there who are flipping their weaves over the new “Eclipse” trailer.

Patrick and Edward - Forbidden Lovers

Patrick’s eyes have even turned a different color.  He’s One of Them now. (Even though he cheats on Edward with Jacob (aka Snoutner).