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VMA Performances! Lady Gaga, Adele – Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse Tributes

Britney: "Y'all who's this boy that wants tuh kiss me and all?"

There was much talk over how Lady Gaga would top herself after her last two appearances at the VMAs. She opened the show this year with a monologue, in character as Jo Calderone. It went on a bit long, but her performance of “You & I” was great. Queen‘s Brian May joined her on guitar. Look at how excited Dave Grohl was to see him take the stage!

Jo” stayed in character all night, and even shared a smoke with Adele. Jo could be seen drinking with Tony Bennet in the audience.

Adele provided one of the classier moments of the night with her performance of “Someone Like You.” Just Adele, and a piano. They could have gotten someone better than Katy Perry to introduce her though.  Ugh.

One of the things I was looking forward to was the Britney Spears tribute, and shame on me for thinking MTV would go all out. I was disappointed, it could have been so much better. No Madonna, no Janet! These are her heroes, all we got were some janky kids. Oh well, at least there was an almost kiss between Brit and Jo. I know some people thought Gaga made Britney’s tribute and Video Vanguard Award all about her, but it actually made it more interesting.

Bruno Mars, Performing "Valerie" for Amy Winehouse

The tribute to the late Amy Winehouse was much better. Her friends Russell Brand and Tony Bennett talked about working with her, and the true talent that we lost.

Tony and Amy

You can’t just be a jazz singer, either,” Bennett added. “Either you’ve got it, or you haven’t got it, and Amy had the whole gift.

Bruno Mars performed the hell out of “Valerie” and made me tear up.

Amy, you’ll be missed.