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Rumer Willis looks a bit like a toss-piece, wouldn’t you agree?

Ummmm...wow, Rumer. Nice outfit.

Dang, you guys.  Seriously.  Broad daylight in Los Angeles, buying ciggies at a liquor store.  If this chick didn’t have wealthy, famous parents and a super-young-ish step-dad, we’d all just say, “Why is that hooker smiling?

"Gimme a pack o' Potes."

Jaaayzus.  Just because you have a chin the size of Texas contract with fashion house Badgley Mischka does NOT mean you can DO this kind of crap.  Honestly.

Get it together girl, because it’s NOT cute.

Oh, and p.s. — I actually GOOGLED “hardcore cigarettes”, so I could have a decent reference.  The lengths I go to for alla y’all.

Your homework, though, is to question your British chums about what a toss-piece is…

Miley Cyrus dresses like “Pretty Woman” again at 2010 MMVAs!

Oh brother, Miley.
Oh, so demure.

And yes.  If Miley keeps wearing rejects from Vivian Ward’s  ( Julia Roberts’ hooker in Pretty Woman) pile of dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, I’m going to continue to prove my point:

Julia Roberts as hooker, Vivian Ward. AGAIN.

Even as a Hollywood hooker, Julia Roberts managed to look a little less trashy than Miley performing on Canada’s Much Music Video Awards.   Having said that, I have NOT gone back on how I feel about the inappropriate photo pink pig posted last week on Twitter.  Still. Wrong.

I just wish that Miley had better taste in stage clothing.  Sexy is one thing…ugly is quite another.