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‘Hannibal’ Season 2 Full Trailer



You will scream. You will lust. You will yearn. You’ll basically channel Will Graham in your anticipation for the truth to be revealed.

Behold! Shed your ugly!tears and grab some wine while you do!

*A moment of silence for mine and Diva Julia’s loins as the perfection of Mads Mikkelsen‘s Hannibal, drenched in blood, leaves us shells of our former selves.*

‘Dracula’ Resurrected Again! New Trailer Reaction.



You know, Dracula, and vampires in general, are something I just can’t get enough of. Certainly, I’m not the only one. Even after Twilight-exhaustion, in which Stephanie Meyers did her best to prettify the mythos while turning vampirism into some preachy fairy tale a la Mormonism. There’s a reason vampires are eternal in both idea and execution and I could write endless meta about it. However, that’s for a later discussion. For now, let’s focus on one of the newest incarnations of the vampire Himself, Drácula.

Courtesy of our new best friends at NBC (they’ve consented to a second season of ‘Hannibal’ like the bosses they are), we have a re-imagining of the origin tale starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors, August Rush, Velvet Goldmine) and Jessica De Gouw (Arrow) as the respective leads. Now, even though the producers of ‘Downton Abbey’ have their fingers directly in this pie, I remained skeptical. I don’t know. Something about the original clips and trailer put me off despite repeated viewings. I couldn’t seem to grasp exactly where they were trying to take the story; I worried that style would trump substance. Still, I knew that I’d give it my standard 3-episode try before making a final decision because, hello, VAMPIRES! Then the official ‘Drácula’ twitter (@NBCDracula) dropped the new promo trailer on us this morning.

Yes, please.
Yes, please.

Lawwwwwwwd. Okay. This, THIS, is what I’m looking for. Not only does the storyline seem somewhat more coherent and relevant but, too, dat music (Soothe Your Soul by Depeche Mode!). For those of us who are aurically sensitive, who instinctively form our own motion pictures when hearing note arrangements, this was the BUSINESS. Here is where I start to get excited for the show outside of it being the return of JRM, post-rehab, covered in blood and rocking fangs. *I think you guys are starting to understand my type, eh?*

I love that the new trailer doesn’t feel like it’s giving us everything up front as so many are wont to do these days. It retains the mystery but clarifies some questions. I, for one, am ready to rock and roll! Or bite and suck. Whatever.


‘Dexter’ Season 8 ‘The End Begins’ – Official Trailer

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Hoooboy.  Shit’s gettin’ real.  After Deb killed Maria LaGuerta but not her serial killer brother last season, it seems she’s losing it. Drugs, booze and random sex. Oh, and a DUI.

So. If we had to pit Dr. Lecter against Dexter Morgan, I wonder what would happen. I say Hannibal for the win. Hmmm…after just one search, I see there are a whole lot of nuts out there posting the same question. I won’t give you the link.  You can do that yourself.

The final season of Dexter begins June 30th on Showtime.  See you there.