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Mila Kunis Is ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ Says Esquire Magazine

Look at the gorgeous, sexiness of Mila Kunis as this year’s Sexiest Woman Alive.

Photos: Esquire.com

Wow. I’LL say.  I haven’t agreed with Esquire’s annual “Sexiest Woman Alive” since Angelina Jolie was name back in 2004.  (Fine. So I have a type.)

Just to refresh your memory of Angelina’s 2004 “Sexiest Woman Alive” cover…

Mila is an interesting one. (Aside from hooking up again with Kutcher, but whatevs.) She gives a good interview, I’ll say that much.

via Esquire:


People are assholes and people lie,” says Mila Kunis on a lovely Wednesday morning in a café in the Hollywood Hills. What she’s talking about is her experience during the production and then the promotion of Max Payne, the 2008 action film she starred in with Mark Wahlberg. This all erupted suddenly, when that movie happened to come up during a conversation about some of her recent roles. She didn’t want to talk about it. Then she paused. And then she started talking about it. She squinted and slowly moved her head from side to side in a way that only means … motherfuckers! What Kunis is right now is worked up. Which is a fascinating thing to watch. Because onscreen, Mila Kunis is a master at being worked up — as Jackie on That ’70s Show, as Wahlberg’s girlfriend in Ted, as the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy. In real life, it’s just as captivating. Even over eggs.

So I spoke with Seth about you. And he mocked me at least once.

Only once?

I used the word wonderful to describe your voice.

“Meg” – Family Guy/FOX

Oh, God.

What I meant was textured and interesting and great for an animated show. And he started laughing. He said, “Wonderful would not be the word I would use to describe it. Overpowering maybe.”

He’s such a douchebag. I keep telling him, “Sarcasm does not translate well in print.” And he is so fucking dry. I’ve known him since I was fourteen, and I find self-deprecating humor great. I tell him, “You can mock away because I know who you are. In print, though? You’re going to come off like an asshole. So be careful.”

I look forward to finding Mila in my mailbox in a week or so…have I mentioned that Esquire is may favorite magazine, because it IS.