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Just how pregnant IS Natalie Portman? [Tosh.0 VIDEO]

There's no way Natilie's going til SUMMER with that bell-bell.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

Sure. I know she’s a petite one, but that is either one giant baby (see video below for proof!), or our “Sweet Girl” is further along in her pregnancy that we were told. Originally, it was suggested our “Tiny Dancer”  — or “Tony Danza”, depending on how you sing the song (okay, I’ll stop) was due this coming summer.

via X17Online:

“Natalie’s due this spring,” the source says. “This is a really special time in her life and Natalie wanted to try to keep the attention off her as much as possible. She thought lying about her due date might give her some more privacy in the final months of her pregnancy.”

OR…we might be dealing with another one of THESE:

via Comedy Central:


Tosh.0 Recap – I’m Gipper!

Photo: Comedy Central

Last week’s Tosh.0 didn’t do much for me. So guess what, Daniel? No recap for you!  But last night’s episode was back to the hilarity, so in effect, Tosh.0 is getting its own Web Redemption.

Alongside the usual gross-out video clips (which bring out the foulest of the foul words from my dirty mouth) there was this awesomeness.  Remember the “Ice Cream Truck Guy”?  Yeah, me neither, but I’m a fan now!  Take a look:

Videos via Comedy Central:

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Tosh.0: Web Redemption – Ice Cream Truck Guy
Tosh.0 Videos Daniel Tosh Web Redemption

Ohhhman….that was sweet. And how cute is Ken GreenI’m Gipper is my shit, y’all!  Ken totally reminds me of “Craig” (Ice Cube) in the classic Friday movies.  (And leave it to Daniel to reference the films throughout the episode!)

Be sure to check out the kid who totally rags on Daniel and his lame little TV show by making his own Wes.7.

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Welcome to Wes.7
Tosh.0 Videos Daniel Tosh Web Redemption

Okay, Daniel.  You redeemed your ass this week, but I’m keep a close eye on you, mainly because I’m a creeper.

Antoine Dodson is gettin’ a reality show.

Ooooohweeee, y'all. Looka who's gettin' a TV show. p.s. It's the dude on the RIGHT with the Ell Vee handbag.

OhmahLAWD.  Can y’all believe that  Antoine (“hide yo kids-yo wife-an yo husband….they rapin’ errr-body!“) Dodson is getting his/her own reality show?  After seeing him on Tosh.0 last week, I know for a FACT that I’ll be watching Antoine’s cray-crayness.

There’s something very endearing about Antoine, doncha think?

Oh, I found the extended (read: worse and funnier) version the Tosh.0’s web redemption with Antoine:

via ComedyCentral:

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Antoine Dodson’s Extended Interview
Tosh.0 Videos Daniel Tosh Web Redemption

Cannot. Wait.