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Tony Vincent: New EP ‘In My Head’ – Let’s All Help Make It Happen With PledgeMusic – ALMOST THERE!


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Hello my dear friends,So, the craziness of the past few months has finally led us here: to PledgeMusic and the creation of my latest EP, “In My Head”, which I could not be more excited to share with you. These songs are the best I’ve ever written and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to finally complete this project and get it out to you— hoping it will move and inspire you as much as it does me. Many of you may know me from my recent appearance as a vocalist on NBC’s “The Voice”.
Some may know me from my collaborations with Green Day and Queen. Now it’s time to make the kind of project that is all my own, but it isn’t possible to do this without YOUR support.In the last decade, the music industry has changed in a major way. It’s no longer a feasible thing for emerging artists to attain the backing of a record label to support their project. And with the cost of reputable mixers, mastering engineers, art/packaging designers, photographers and promotion, the cost becomes astronomical. But I’m all about doing things right, especially when it comes to my own material. And you, my loyal fans, deserve nothing but the very best from me.
Fortunately, PledgeMusic has made it possible for fans and supporters to be involved in artist’s projects. With your help, I can finally release this music that I’ve been wanting to share with you all for so long. Please know that even the smallest contribution greatly helps this EP come into fruition, and allows you to be an integral part of this process.
Here’s how It works:
1. Make a pledge (all of your options are located to the right).
2. Once you make a pledge, you’ll receive online updates on the project.
3. Share by linking your own social networks to help spread the word (we even have a personal widget that you can post!)4. Comment and interact online as we work together to reach our goal.
To help move the project forward, I’ve even put several personal possessions (even some exclusive collector’s items) up for pledging.
Once you’ve submitted a pledge, you’re officially part of this project and you will get a digital download of the EP before it’s released anywhere else. You will also have access to online updates as they become available.It’s the ultimate goal for an artist to release their own music to their fans, and I’m SO excited for you all to come alongside me and get involved in this process. Currently, mixer Brian Malouf (Michael Jackson, Everclear, Lit, The Verve Pipe) and mastering engineer Robert Smith (Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, David Bowie) are already on board, so you can count on this project to sound amazing.Over the next 30 days, we can make this project happen together…Tony VincentP.S. For a taste of what this EP is going to sound like, check out the player on the upper-left portion of this page, or download the brand new single (“Starting Over”) for FREE at http://bit.ly/K8Dpf7. Don’t forget to share it!

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“In My Head” download + updates, PLUS another exclusive below.

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Much love, Tony…


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Who Got Sent Home on ‘The Voice?’


The results show kicked off with a performance by Jessie J, who happens to be on of the coaches on the UK version of the show, singing her hit “Domino” with Team Christina. I think they did a much better job with her than Team Adam did with Gym Class Heroes last week. Adam’s team learned who would go through first, Mathai, Pip and Tony Lucca got the most votes, leaving Kim Yarbrough, Katrina Parker and Karla Davis to sing again for a spot in the next rounds.

Kim went with another obvious choice, Jennifer Hudson‘s “Spotlight.” Can’t fault her for tackling the big songs. Karla sand “I Can’t Make You Love Me” which was kind of boring, and a little shaky, especially at the end. Katrina made an excellent choice with No Doubt‘s “Don’t Speak.” I’m sure the singers pick out their swan songs beforehand, but do they have to be so literal? I was disappointed to see that Katrina hadn’t gotten enough votes to automatically go through, she had one of the best performances from Adam’s team. Although Kim has a big, soulful voice, I think Adam knew he could do more with Katrina, so he picked her.

Tony Vincent

Things were a lot more dramatic for Team Cee Lo. Of course Jamar Rogers and James Manssone got through, as well as Juliet Simms. Juliet isn’t an absolute favorite with me, yet, but I really do like her style. Tony Vincent got to sing first with “Sweet Dreams.” Maybe it would have been better for him to do the Marilyn Manson cover of this song. Cheesa sang “All By Myself,” quite well actually, and then there was Erin Martin butchering “Your Song.” Seriously, yikes. This really didn’t seem like that hard of a choice to make, but it was dragged out so that each coach could make their statements. Adam made the point that it sucks when the singers wait until that moment to really give their best performances. Surprisingly, Cee Lo picks Cheesa.

That means we have to say goodbye to Tony. Au revoir, our Bald Headed Beautiful Prince. It’s getting down to the wire, and more singers will get cut until we find the one with The Voice. Until next week!


The Voice Recap, Live Rounds Continue With Team Adam And Team Cee Lo

Monday night’s live rounds saw Team Cee Lo going against Team Adam. The coaches all looked great, expect for Blake who looked like he had just come from running errands. There was also more of that at sometimes brutal honesty from the coaches, which made for an uncomfortable moment for at least one contestant. There were also some pretty decent performances, both teams turned it out!

First up from Team Adam was Katrina Parker, who sang The Smashing Pumpkins‘ “Tonight Tonight.” Not that exciting of a performance but she sounded great and I like that she went with something a bit more rock. Christina thought she could have rocked it out more, and Cee Lo thought it sounded a little “show-tuney.” Adam was proud of her though, and thought it was was good “no frills” performance from her.

Cheesa from Team Cee Lo went with“Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Thelma Houston. Her and Cee Lo addressed what a lot of the show’s watchers thought about her winning against Angie, so she has a lot to prove to the voters. I think she has a big voice, but it’s not as strong as it could be and she just doesn’t connect with the audience. Blake likened the whole thing to something you would see on Solid Gold and that it was a pure Cee Lo style performance. Cee Lo thought it was “electrifying!” I know he’s pulling for her but I expect Cheesa will have to sing for her life Tuesday night.

Former Mouseketeer Tony Lucca had some issues with Peter Gabriel‘s “In You Eyes” during rehearsals. I was cringing at the thought of him missing those high falsetto parts Adam warned him about but his notes were pretty good. The ending without the music was the best part, but I thought some parts were a little eh, and you couldn’t really hear him at one point. Christina gave her honest opinion, saying that she didn’t know what type of artist he could be beyond the competition. Which is kind of my issue with him. He’s a good singer, but that’s it.

Chak…I mean Kim Yarbrough didn’t really know what she wanted to sing at first, but chose Adele‘s “Rolling In The Deep.” I knew she would sound great, and hit all the notes and whatnot, but I wish she would have chosen something else. I just think it was a lazy song choice. Cee Lo was with me, he thinks Adam should have urged her to do something else. Adam agreed that it wasn’t perfect, maybe realizing that slip up as a coach. Kim was good, but it could have been way better and she could have really showed out.

James Manssone put his own spin on Norah Jones‘s “Don’t Know Why.” Well the ladies did love it, he has that cute, sing to you by your locker type voice. I really enjoyed this because it wasn’t sleepy like the original version and he was really into it. Christina noted some pitch problems here and there, but it was smooth. Blake almost threw his panties on stage. Whether or not he wins, I think James could have a nice pop R&B career for himself.

Juliet Simms thought that “Roxanne” by The Police would be an unexpected choice from her, but this is exactly what I would expect from her. Didn’t really enjoy the beginning but it got better as she got into it. I think more of the song should have been her rocking out, her voice sounds better with music behind it in my opinion. Adam thought it was the best performance he had seen so far, shocking her, and me. Christina gave her a little standing ovation. Both were mad that they didn’t get Juliet for her team and Blake liked hearing her really sing for the first time. I know they were all sincere in their statements but I wasn’t feeling this as much as them.

Mathai chose “Ordinary People” by John Legend. Okay girl, I love this song and I love John so don’t mess it up! Adam instructed her to not get too melodic with it. There have been a few of these “unique” voices in the competition and I think Mathai has the most tolerable one. I liked the arrangement and the feeling she gave the song. Christina thought it was a little “lounge-y” and wanted her to pick up the energy. I thought Adam did the right thing to help her showcase her voice, and that could help her with the voters.

New dad Tony Vincent did one of my favorite songs, “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears For Fears. I like the relationship he has with his coach Cee Lo, and he told him not to let it go too “show-tuney.” Although it fit with the song perfectly, the staging was a little too Marilyn Manson-ish, no? Tony has a great voice and I wanted him to go bigger with this, especially during the chorus. Blake thought the staging was a little “hell-ish”, and that it made it hard to concentrate on him. Christina loved the performance, and thought he was a little restrained too. Perhaps a misstep in Cee Lo’s coaching if he restricted him a bit, but I think Tony is going to be safe.

Karla Davis chose B.o.B‘s “Airplanes.” She wanted to show that she could do more than just Country, but needed to be pushed  a little more. I like that she was ready to come out of her shell, even if it had to happen on a fake airplane wing on stage. The rapping parts were a little awkward, but there were some good notes. Christina and Blake noted that the song wasn’t the best choice for her voice but they liked that she took the risk. I think Adam tried to over explain why it didn’t work for her, but I give Karla props for going against what we would have expected from her.

Erin Martin went with “Walk Like An Egyptian” by The Bangles. Okay, this is a guilty pleasure song for me, and it does fit her voice quite well. However the literal staging made the performance a little corny for me. Like Cee Lo said, she had to prove her naysayers wrong, but I’m not sure she did. Even with all those hot, shirtless guys behind her, the performance was a kind of meh for me. Again, Blake says he thought she did as good as she could do with that song. I get that Erin is supposed to be quirky and cute, but something isn’t clicking. Cee Lo agreed with Christina, she could have bought it more and not let the staging overtake what she did.

Pip wanted to get more into rock, so he chose The Killers‘ “When You Were Young,” a good choice and he of course has the perfect coach to help him make that transition. I think the first part may have been too fast for him, but otherwise it was a good solid performance. I think Pip’s voice is a bit like Brandon Flowers in some ways and that a lot. Christina thought it came off as thought it came off as trying too hard. Adam wanted him to be more scary, but he didn’t really deliver. There’s always a spot on Glee, Pip.

Last up was Jamar Rogers with “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz. I like Jamar and all, but there’s something almost too earnest about him. It feels a little fake, or maybe I’m just that cynical. Jamar rocked it out and I think they really saved the best performance for last. The guitar players on stilts was added bonus. Jamar really finished strong, but Blake was distracted by the staging again. The crowd definitely loved it, and Jamar could be one to be beat as the competition continues.

I think Cee Lo’s team won the night, I expect Juliet and Jamar to get the most votes for him. As for Adam’s team, I think James and Katrina did the best. We’ll see who makes it through to the next rounds tonight.

The staging was a METAPHOR, Blake. Google it.

[Editor’s Note: Blake needs to quit behaving like a gotdamn hill-billy bumpkin with the “I don’t GIT it crap. Open up that pea-brain of yours and learn that music is beyond sangin’ ’bout “Honeybees” and “Austin”. What an embarrassment to the panel you were last night, Blake. Git yer sheeeit tuh-geh-thurrr, dumbass. ~ DivaJulia’s Own Smart-Ass Rant.]