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Tom Daley Comes Out As Bisexual, On His Own Terms

via Swimming.org
photo courtesy of Swimming.org


Several hours ago, Tom Daley uploaded an important video to Youtube. Using the most efficient and personal method possible, the British Olympic diver took to the ‘net to reveal his sexuality and current relationship status sans filter. It’s a heartfelt video in which he speaks directly to the public, but most importantly, to his fans.

There are plenty of people out there who have already rolled their eyes at Tom’s actions. “Why did he feel the need to come out at all? Why does anyone?” Well, that’s just it; it was his need. It’s a need of many who struggle with how much to reveal about themselves in order to live a “true” existence, especially if they’re frequently in the public eye with media putting words in their mouth. Far be it from anyone to dictate what anyone else may feel theĀ need to do in regards to something like this.

But, hey, there will always be pissers in the figurative Cheerios! One thing that can’t be denied is Tom Daley’s bravery, his happiness in being at a place in his life where coming out feels right for him. It’s something doubly important in the face of Russia’s current policies during this year’s Sochi Winter Olympics.

“Of course, I still fancy girls, but right now I’m dating a guy and I couldn’t be happier”.

Neither could we, Tom, for you. Bisexual visibility, y’all. *fist pump*

Watch the video here: