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Separated at Birth – Sex and the City 2 Edition

Wait. WHO???

THAT is some  effing Photoshop, y’all.  I saw the top part of this ad for (ugh) Sex and the City 2 and TOTALLY thought it was Tiger’s mistress Rachel Uchitel.  Come ON.  Really???

The REAL Rachel Uchitel

Rachel should be pissed; better yet she should SUE.    We ALL know SJP doesn’t look as good as Tiger’s #1 Mistress.

That's better.

Any chance I get to use that photo, you KNOW I will.

Speaking of SATC2.  If there is ONE FILM that I do not want to see, it would be this one.  Wouldn’t you know, I’ve been given tickets for a VIP pre-screening (via Phil Smart Mercedes in Seattle) Wednesday night for this very movie.  Sigh.  I wish I had recorded my BFF Patrick’s high pitched squeal when I told him about the tickets.  So, we’re going.

The only people who will be there will be The Gays, their Hags (Patrick and me–durrr), and a pack of women asking each other, “Which character do you think I am??”, while slurping up cosmos at the community trough.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Oy.