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Let’s talk about Jaden and Willow Smith for a moment, shall we?

Jaden (The Smug!) Smith
Willow (Baby, I'mma a ROCKSTAR) Smith. She's 9 years old, people.

I think I’ve made it clear in the past that I do not care for Jaden Smith.  He presents himself as a smug, spoiled brat, and I think his parents encourage his childish elitism.  Now we have little sister, Willow, who appears to think she’s Rihanna.  And, why may I ask, is this little girl signing autographs in London?  Because she made a cameo in a movie one of her dad’s films?

Here’s the thing.  I did allow my son Hunter to “express himself” when he was in 5th and 6th grade.  We went through the bleached, spikey hair, black nailpolish, and even…wait for it…tiny butterfly clips.  Yeah.  I know.  Hunter got so much sh*t from every teacher–except his OWN teacher, the wonderful Mrs. Waterman, for wearing those clips.  So naturally, being the hot-head that I was (ahem), I had to make a stink about the other small-minded teachers who kept complaining about my kid’s HAIR.  Say it with me:  “Ahhh, HELLLL NAAAWW!”  I gotta give it to the Principal, though.  She was great and agreed that the teachers who said Hunter’s hair was “distracting” were full of crap, (my words) and being sexist, thus allowing him to do whatever he wanted with his hair.

Take a gander, won’t you?  (Again.  Thank the Lawd that Hunter doesn’t read Mama’s blog…he’d kill me.)

Ahhh, yes. Hunter's 10th birthday party.


Hunter as Billy Idol - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
Hunter, age 12 1/2. What a difference 18 months made.
And...Hunter now.

So, I do believe in letting kids express themselves, apparently.  I just don’t don’t care for smug, bratty Hollywood kids as a rule.  (Clearly, the Jolie-Pitt clan are not included in this rant.  Just look at Chaz Shiloh!)

Jeez.  Leave to Dina Lohan Mama to turn this into a Hunter post.