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Channing Tatum Is People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive

Your heard it here last week, y’all.


So we found out last week through a leak that Channing Tatum would be crowned People magazine’s The Sexiest Man Alive.” I personally have no problem with that, but I’ve heard Channy called everything from “potato face” to “completely undeserving,” so there are a lot of feelings involved here. The Ryan Gosling stans are still mad, and maybe rightfully so, but there are many other men that made this year’s list.

Blake Shelton

The Voice’ coach Blake Shelton makes the cut this year. His wife Miranda Lambert calls him “very caring and loyal”, which is pretty sexy to me.

Chris Hemsworth

Sadly, ‘Thor‘ star Chris Hemsworth isn’t shirtless here. His career has been blowing up lately, but we might skip the remake of ‘Red Dawn,’ even though he looks pretty hot in it.

Oh, Richard Gere

Richard Gere is the oldest guy on the list, and a former “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Mr. Washington

The second oldest, Denzel Washington has also held the title. I hope some of the younger guys on this list age as well as they do.



Not many people had heard of Oscar Pistorius before the 2012 Summer Olympics, but he caught our eye even if maybe I spent more time drooling over some other Olympians.

Oh, HEY Paul Rudd…


Can you believe that Paul Rudd is 43?! Seems like just yesterday we were being jealous that Cher Horowitz got to make out with her ex-step bro on that staircase.

Coming Soon: ‘Red Dawn’ – We Have the Official Trailer!

Hollywood’s march through my 1980’s childhood continues with a remake of Red Dawn. The original starred the late Patrick Swayze and C. Thomas Howell, currently in NBC’s Revolution looking a lot worse for wear.

The trailer starts on Mainstreet USA. Inside a neighborhood grill, Tyra, from Friday Night Lights  (I was the only person who watched Lone Star) is having a beer with a Hemsworth brother. I can only devote a limited amount of brain space to correctly identifying acting brothers and the Baldwins are currently holding down that real estate. But IMDB tells me this one is Liam. (Miley Cyrus’s fy-ants…we literate folks say fiance`, but whatever.)  WAIT…no it isn’t! It’s CHRIS!

With ominous title cards of impending doom, Mr. Hemsworth, a Marine on leave, will not have long to enjoy the charms of beer, pretty women and high school football. The lights go out, fighter jets are blown from the sky and the town sheriff, father to our marine and the star quarterback is executed. America is no more, the cold war Russians of the first film having been replaced by an Asian enemy.

At 2 and a half minutes long, I felt the trailer divulged too much.

I didn’t recognize any of the other up and comers, with one exception. Connor Cruise is a member of the Juvenile Band of Brothers out to reclaim freedom, liberty and justice for some, I mean all.  To fully inhabit his character, I wonder if he pictured himself under attack by suppressive persons?

Oh, HEY Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

Photo: MovieFanatic.com

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, whose character on Grey’s Anatomy was the primary reason I jumped ship from that show, stars as the grizzly veteran amongst the bear cubs.

Red Dawn will be released on November 21, 2012.