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Nik Wallenda Crosses Niagara Falls, Doesn’t Die



Daredevil Nik Wallenda made history Friday night when he walked on a 2-inch cable 173 feet above Niagara Falls. The stunt was something Wallenda, 33, said he always wanted to do and a massive crowd gathered to cheer him on. The walk only took a little more than 25 minutes to complete, with Wallenda running the last few steps when he reached the Canadian side.

USA side...

Nik is a seventh-generation member of the Great Wallendas, the legendary traveling family circus troupe. Fearing for his safety, ABC asked that he wear a safety harness, which did take (more than) a little of the excitement out of the stunt. They also used a 5 second delay.

Nik Wallenda preparing for crossing...

To prepare for the stunt which took a year to plan, he trained at the Seneca Niagara Casino where he was sprayed with heavy mists from a fire hose and wind gusts of up to 44 miles per hour, courtesy of a wind machine. All of this comes 150 years after French aerialist Charles Blondin, known as “The Great Blondin,” famously walked a high wire strung farther down the Niagara gorge.

Word has it that he’s planning a walk across the Grand Canyon in Arizona. This would be the first ever attempt and three times longer than his Niagara walk. I’ll be watching between my fingers.