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Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Walking Dead’ Collector’s Covers


Entertainment Weekly gives up a sneak peek of what star Andrew Lincoln calls the “grown up” fifth season of’The Walking Dead. The four new collector’s covers features the show’s main characters in some interesting action poses photographed by Dylan Coulter.


Steve Yeun and Lauren Cohan, who play the head over heels in love married couple Glenn and Maggie look ready to shoot down some walkers, or the creepy people they came across in Terminus at the end of last season.


Norman ReedusDaryl looks as dirty as ever. Does the “More Kissing?” question refer to him and Beth possibly hooking up?


Dani Gurira as Michonne is always amazing, and of course she got the coolest cover. Can’t wait to see swing her kitana in the new episodes.

The new season of The Walking Dead will premiere on October 12 on AMC. You can read more about it when the issue hits newsstands this Friday.





The Walking Dead recap, ‘Still’




If you weren’t watching the Oscars, you probably caught this slow burner of an episode which featured Daryl and Beth. Maybe I should start calling them “Baryl”, because there were a few moments when it seemed the show was headed that way. Though it left many unsatisfied, I think it tried to give Beth some much needed depth and character development and we got another tiny piece of the puzzle that is Daryl Dixon.

Along a dirt road, Baryl come across an abandoned car that they have to hide in the trunk of until a storm and a group of walkers passes. It was a tense, ‘Out of Sight‘ like moment with Daryl never putting his crossbow down during the hours they spent in there. Everyone is just trying to stay alive, but it seems like these two are having the hardest time. At least Rick, Carl and Michonne got to hunker down in a house for a bit. Not wanting to spend another night in the woods, and tired of Daryl ignoring her in favor of a burnt snake, Beth decides that she can take care of herself, and with her dad gone, she can finally try alcohol. But where to get it? They stumble upon a country club, filled with the bodies of members murdered by the staff. She does get her hands on a bottle of wine, but has to use it to kill a walker. Peach Schnapps is the only thing left in the bar and as Daryl says, if you’re going to have your first drink, it definitely should not be Peach Schnapps.




Daryl takes her to a hideout that he found with Michonne that has a supply of moonshine. Her first drink goes down smooth, but then she starts playing a game of “I’ve Never” that ends with Daryl going off on her about well, being a sheltered white girl. Some poor walker gets the worst of his rant, and I thought for a moment they were going to kiss, instead Beth offered up a hug as he cried. Later he apologized for being a dick and before they set off again they decide to burn the whole place down. Never mind that they would probably start a huge forest fire attracting a bunch of walkers, but you know, FREEDOM! Beth might not be a grooooooown woman just yet, but having a drink, something she wasn’t allowed to do in her old life and something that is seen as a “rite of passage” by many a teen, is a “normal” thing she needed to do to move on. She can take care of herself, if she really has to, but she does need others to survive. The fact that there aren’t that many people for her to depend on, at the moment, is the challenge she has to face.

Beth doesn’t see Daryl the way he sees himself, another redneck who’s never had anything. While unleashing on her, he says that he feels responsible for what happened at the prison between them and The Governor. They don’t know that anyone else survived, so the weight of all their friends and family possibly being dead is bearing down on him. Daryl has never been the friendliest dude, and he has only really opened up to Carol and Michonne, so seeing him be more human is a good thing. I have to say though, his crossbow really isn’t the most effective weapon. It does the job from a yard away, but then you have to go collect the arrows from the walkers. He should have kept one of those golf clubs!

Next week we’ll catch up with the last of the group, Maggie, Sasha and Bob and things look like they’ll get really intense for the three.

The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Claimed’


What I thought was going to be a boring episode ended up being a tense and satisfying look at the dangers of getting too comfortable in a post apocalyptic world. Michonne reveals a bit more of her past to Carl. Glenn is desperate to reunite with Maggie, and what is up with Abraham and his crew?

Though it might seem like the newlyweds are worlds apart, they’re probably only a couple of miles apart. He demands Abraham stop the truck so he can go off on his own. Abraham pleads with him to stay, reasoning that even if Maggie was still alive, he’d never find her. Here he tells Glenn and Tara about their “mission” to get Washington D.C. so that they can tell the government, or whatever is left of it, about what caused the outbreak. While fending off a group of walkers, the doctor with a mullet Eugene, accidentally shoots the gas tank of Abraham’s truck. He patches it up, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll make it down the road much farther. So they all leave with Glenn but a slight smirk on Eugene’s face could be foreshadowing something sinister. “Trust me, I”m smarter than you” is something crazy people say, and it’s probably best not to trust a doctor with such an awful haircut.


Back in the suburbs, Michonne and Carl leave Rick to rest while they go look for supplies. His nap doesn’t last long as he hears voices downstairs and quickly hides under the bed in the master bedroom. An unseen man occupies it until another demands he gives it up. The two get into a fight, and Rick is seen by the man that ends up dead. If a guy kills someone over a bed, it’s safe to say you need to get the hell out of the house. He eventually gets out of the room, but encounters another man in the bathroom that he has to kill. He sets a trap for the the two remaining men and escapes out of the house where he sees Michonne and Carl coming up the yard. They leave and find signs urging them to come to the sanctuary Terminus, where Carol, Tyreese, baby Judith and those two annoying little kids are. I’m already preparing myself for when the Grimes’ see the baby again.

Both Carl and Michonne are getting the most development of any characters this season, and it’s nice to see them opening up to each other. Michonne reveals to Carl that she had a son once, and that he died after the outbreak. Carl promises to keep it a secret, but she tells him that it’s not much of a secret, and it’s something that Beth saw earlier in the season in the prison. Who knew a can of Crazy (easy) Cheese could bring people closer together? The whole subject of a cure hasn’t been visited since the first season, does anyone still care? They’re just trying to survive, and I wouldn’t trust Eugene to give me a shot, let alone save all of humanity.