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The Voice Finale Recap, The Show Crowns A Winner!



The Voice’ finale was chock-full of wonderful performances and one coach reclaimed the trophy and the right to brag about their contestant winning. Some singers we had already forgotten about returned,  but the show kicked off with a Top 20 performance of “Tonight Is The Night” by Outasight. The night would be a long, but enjoyable one. 

Jacquie Lee would be the runner-up for this season, but she was definitely trying to prove that she could be The Voice. She brought back Caroline PennellMatthew SchulerCole Vosbury and James Wolpert for a pitchy, but fun, rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I also let the sound issues slide, because you could tell they were enjoying themselves up there.

Later she jammed with Paramore on their latest, “Ain’t It Fun.” Honestly, this song didn’t need Jacquie. She’s fine on her own, but she always gets overpowered in group performances or duets.

Will Champlin would come in third, but it’s not like he was going home empty handed. All three of them got free cars, courtesy of Kia. No surprise that he chose the Sorento for his family. Um, KIA! Unfortunately they had to be creeped out by The Grinch and a couple of Who people to get them. He took to the stage with Aloe Blacc for “Wake Me Up,” and had Cole and Caroline join him for “Wagon Wheel” along with Austin Jenckes and Johnny Gray.

Some of the Top 20 boys, including Matthew, Ray Boudreaux and Preston Pohl got together for Bruno Mars‘ “Treasure,” and the Top 20 girls, including Kat RobichaudShelbie Z and Amber Scott killed it on Kelly Clarkson‘s “My Life Would Suck Without You.” 



The most talked about moment actually came towards the end of the show, when Lady Gaga, who looked like a cross between Elvira Hancock from ‘Scarface’ and your grandmother from the 80s sang “Do What You Want.” This performance was pretty understated, for her. The show has the budget for her theatrics, but it was just her on stage with some intense fog. It worked, and then surprisingly, Christina Aguilera joined her on stage! Some are saying it was a little awkward, I think that’s because of the rumored feud between the two, but they embraced, did some great runs and Gaga even put her head on Xtina’s chest. Now that definitely was weird.

Lovely Tessane shined the most though. She got to sing with her idol Celine Dion on “Love Can Move Mountains.” It was heartwarming seeing Tessanne get so emotional over being able to share the stage with Celine. Oh, and how effing amazing did Ms. Dion look in that Versace dress as she performed with Ne-Yo?

As Tessanne was handed her trophy, she closed the show out with the winner’s song, “Tumbling Down” which was written by Ryan Tedder.

Overall, it was a great way to close out Season 5 of the show. Season 6 starts on February 24, with Season 4 coaches Shakira and Usher returning.  Until then Voice stans!

The Voice Recap, The Top 3 Perform

The Final Three
The Final Three

Photo: NBC/The Voice

We’re finally down to the Top 3, and who would have thought that a returning coach would have one of the best contestants of the season. Both Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine, Adamtina if you will, have nurtured their singers to get them to the finals, leaving Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton in the dust. Wasn’t it a little weird how those two were almost completely cut out of the show? There was, however, that awesome coach group performance of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” featuring Rick AllenPhil Collen and Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard.

The Top 3 would each do three songs, the one that earned them a turn during the Blind Auditions, a duet with their coach and a final solo song. Here’s how they did.

Tessanne Chin

Tessanne has been the most consistent of the remaining contestants, and for first performance she went back to her Blind Audition song, “Try” by Pink. It was as a solid as the first time we saw her and Cee Lo tells her what i’m sure she already knows, she’s a fan favorite.

Next she teamed up with Adam for a wonderful version of “Let It Be.” Just as I was wishing they had chosen a different song, they switch it up and added a nice reggae beat to the middle of the song. This is how the whole thing should have been, but I’m glad we got another taste of Tessanne’s spirit and culture for the next to last show.

Her last performance was of Whitney Houston‘s “I Have Nothing.” I had no worries with her doing this and Adam didn’t either. It was cute watching him get his life over just the rehearsals, so I don’t know how he contained himself while she was on stage. She wasn’t trying to do Whitney, which is always a good thing, but Tessane did her and gave us one of the best performances the show has ever seen.

Will Champlin

Adam’s other contestant wanted to remind his fans of why they fell in love with him in the first place. Will has improved so much since he first performed Gavin DeGraw‘s “Not Over You” in the Blinds, and while you can still tell that he isn’t 100% comfortable on stage, he is so much more confident than he was when the competition started.

If I’m not mistaken, this was the first time that Will mentioned that he was the son of a member of the band Chicago? I guess it’s good that he didn’t play that up. Him and Adam sounded great on “Tiny Dancer,” a song you can’t help but sing along to. And say what you will about Adam, but he has been on point with the songs he’s chosen for his contestants. A big part of the reason why he’s the only other coach left standing.

For his last song, Will sang “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You.” It’s kind of a corny song, (I can’t help but picture Stewey Griffin singing it on ‘Family Guy’),  but Will sold the hell out of it, ending it on his knees in front of his family, including his adorable baby girl. Will might not be the show’s winner this year, but I agree with his coach by saying that he won just by making it this far.

Jacquie Lee


Xtina mentioned that the thing that drew her to Jacquie was the roar she heard when she first performed Amy Winehouse‘s “Back To Black.” The roar was back and Jacquie intended to show she was meant to be here too. You can tell she threw in some extra notes and most of them landed safely, but her coach praised the performance anyways.

During her duet with Christina on her song “We Remain,” I realized that I had never bothered to listen to this song, and that I did really like it. As good as Jacquie can be, she can’t keep with Chrissy. Her coach did let her get the last run in, and didn’t try to outsing her too much, but overall it was a nice joint performance and hey, they both look good in red!

For her last song, she sang “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”  I have to agree with what someone said on Twitter, this song has to be retired from singing competition shows. Jacquie did her best to show out, but it didn’t match Jennifer Holiday‘s version, or Jennifer Hudson‘s (who gave her major props on Twitter by the way). The song is too big, even for her, but she got tons of praise for it.

So there you have it. Will and Jacquie deserve to be called ‘The Voice,’ but I’m sure Tessanne will be crowned the winner of this season. You just can’t deny her talent, but we’ll have to see how America decided.

The Voice Recap, The Top 5 Perform and Eliminations

The Voice - Season 5

Photo: NBC

The Voice’s Semi-Finals got underway Monday night with the remaining 5 singers vying for a spot in the Top 3. The show was only an hour long, which I was more than fine with because though everyone was good, I couldn’t help but be a little bored. Where was the excitement? Everything was so…somber. The show kicked off with a group performance of American Authors‘ “Best Day of My Life” and was there something wrong with Cole’s microphone. Thankfully that wasn’t a problem later in the show.

James Wolpert was up first with U2‘s “With Or Without You,” a song that Christina Aguilera would later say during critiques that she suggested for a coaches performance. I’m not sure how that would have sounded, but James pulled it off on his own. I’m glad he caught himself during certain moments and dialed it back a little. Blake tells him that he dug himself out of a hole, as he was almost eliminated last week. This could help him get to the finals.

Will Champlin sang fun.‘s “Carry On,” the only upbeat solo song. This might not have been the best choice for him though as some of the bigger notes got away from him. The slower introduction didn’t work for me either, but Cee Lo Green praises his swagginess, or whatever and Blake liked that he was smiling more. Which is a plus. I wonder who told him to get rid of the glasses though?

Jacquie Lee sang Sarah McLachlan‘s “Angel,” aka the “Sad Dog Song.” Her coach Xtina encouraged her to get more “soulful,” so why not give her a soul song? Her voice is more clear her than it has ever been, her timbre is kind off for me sometimes. It is a little weird for the “Sad Dog Song” to be sung like a soaring ballad, but it worked for her. While I thought that Matthew was for sure going to be the contestant that Xtina had in the finals, it looks like it will be Jacquie this year.


Cole Vosbury sang “Shameless” by Garth Brooks. After a grooming session with Cee Lo and his coach Blake Shelton, Cole took to the stage for one of his best performances, sans hat, and I realized that Cole has been keeping himself in the competition by knowing his strengths and picking the right songs. I do hope he does more soul, or even some rock, but i’m sure Country fans will be putting in votes for him.

Tessanne Chin sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon & Garfunkel. First off, isn’t is cute how Adam Levine invited his team over for breakfast at his house? Which is really nice by the way. So look, Tessanne is probably going to win this. I might not have loved every single performance, but every single performance has been stellar and this one was no exception. Just listen to that last note. I mean, how?!

Some old contestants, and some winners, returned home to perform. Cassadee PopeDanielle Bradbury and The Swon Brothers were on hand to perform their latest singles. All seem to be doing well after their time on the show.

I was the most excited to see Michelle Chamuel, who sang her new song “Go Down Swinging.” 

Early on in the season, I had predicted that the Top 3 would come down to Tessanne, Jacquie and Cole, but I was only right about 2/3 of that list. Surprisingly, Will got the last spot and will move on to the finals. That means that Adam, technically, beat Blake this year. So there will be no three-peat for Mr. Shelton. The Finals are next week, and even though Adam has the upper hand with two singers, Christina could still win with Jacquie.

Did you like the results? Wasn’t Cole’s hair nicely curled, and doesn’t Will look like he might be Adam’s long lost son? Tell us what you think!