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Donald Trump’s Son Brags About Endangered Animal Hunting and Killing With Help From ‘Hunting Legends’

Not to worry. The "trophies" will be stuffed for the "collectors" by Hunting Legends

This post is vile and unpleasant, and I don’t care for the manner in which the Trump family is tossing it off as nearly a philanthropic endeavor.  If you don’t want to see any horrific images of the very wealthy showing off their trophies of dead exotic animals that are clearly on the very of extinction, don’t scroll down any further.

The Trump Sons shown here with their leopard "trophy killing"
I'll bet they cannot WAIT to get this waterbuck's head up on their wall.

via TMZ.com

By looking at the photos here of Donald posing proudly with the dead animals, he appears to enjoy the blood sport a lot. He and his brother, Eric were seen with various trophy kills, such as an elephant, crocodile, kudu, and waterbuck.

The slaughter of animals being reported on now took place in Zimbabwe in 2011. Donald, Sr. doesn’t like the sport of hunting, but lets people know what they did was alright “in terms” of the hunting community.

Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. are part of their father’s show, “Celebrity Apprentice” that airs in Portland, Ore. Sunday nights on NBC, KGW channel 8 at 9:00 p.m., PT.


Here’s the situation.  Eric Trump and his brother Donald Trump, Jr. (above with their crocodile kill), are defending their hunting expedition in Zimbabwe from 2011, where in they had many “trophy kills”, which are pictured on the website HuntingLegends.com.   I’d like to give you an exerpt of Hunting Legends oh, so enticing advertising:

Text/Images via HuntingLegends.com:

“Zimbabwe still offers you some of the most exciting hunts in Africa and in the hands of a good company and outfitter, you still wont beat this experience. Some of the best Ivory is still taken in Zimbabwe and we are proud to say that our concession areas in this country still produce some of the best Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Cape Buffalo trophies.

Nice portrait. Notice how the dead lion is arranged to appear to be "sleeping".

Are there still 100lbs + Elephants in Africa?

The answer quite simply is yes – if you have the right areas and know where to hunt them!


The challenge with conservation hunting is however to establish a disciplined approach and to conserve as much as you hunt. If we set out to shoot every 100lbs Elephant that’s still roaming out there, there would be none left and it’s that simple.

For this reason we have adopted an approach that we can only take off a limited amount of quality (and old mature) animals off the areas we hunt every year.

This has a cost implication on animal trophies of this nature, as this affects price in the end. However, for the discerned hunter who wishes to shoot something of this quality, price should not be the objective compared to quality.”

Naturally, the Trump Boys are telling a tale of how much the villagers appreciated all the meat they were provided by their “kills”.

A smiling Donald Trump, Jr. with another kill "prize".

Here’s the thing.  I understand herd management of say, whitetail deer if overpopulation is a problem, or the animals are dying due to the lack of food.  This type of hunters do indeed use the meat for food and it’s also a matter of safety, and not allowing the herds to simply suffer and die of starvation. I’m not trying to debate this type of hunting; I have no problem with this, as long as it’s humane.  It’s nothing I would ever do personally.  I think the obvious distinction between herd management and hunting season, be it deer or duck, versus the slaughter of exotic wildlife is crystal clear.

Is it just me? Go take a look at the Hunting Legends website and tell me how you feel afterward.