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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Berlin for “The Tourist” – The Dress

Velvet Versace

Okay.  How do y’all feel about Angelina’s sleeve/gloved black velvet Versace dress?  I. LOVE. IT.

A GENIUNE laughing smile!!

Photos: via HuffPo

I realize some folks may not care for the whole sleevey-glovey combo, but I think it’s genius.  Of course all of us are wondering about the whole “bathroom/loo situation”, aren’t we?  Let me tell you something:  I guaranTEE that dress is easier to maneuver than shoehorning my blubber back into my Spanx in a tiny stall.

Hey. If I looked like THIS, I wouldn't NEED Spanx!

Not even kidding.

Speaking of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt being gorgeous at “The Tourist” premiere with Johnny Depp…

Angie and Brad...

Well, what have we here?  Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt (along with Angie’s co-star Mr. Johnny Depp) were all spotted at the World premiere of “The Tourist” at Ziegfeld Theatre on December 6, 2010 in New York City.

I can smell the mothballs and ciggies from here, y'all...

Brad looks good…compared to the Goat’s Head-look he was sportin’ last year, Johnny looks orange (probably from filming “Pirates 8000”) and y’all know we’ve seen him in that mothballed suit before.  But, yeah.  Johnny certainly stays true to his own sense of Pepe Le Pew-style.

Wait. One. Second.

But let’s talk about Angie for a second.  I’m loving the dress…a creamy white mohair or angora number (my nose is itching at the mere THOUGHT of it) with a slit up to THERE.  So far so good–but, WHOA.  Just, WHOA. Those shoes.  I don’t care what anyone says:   White pumps are always gauche, white trash and just plain ugmo.  I’ll bet Brad let her drive the 1979 Trans Am so she could get just the right amount of scuff marks on the back of her heel.  Suh-weeet!