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Felix Baumgartner, Supersonic Skydiver on The Today Show

Fearless Felix Baumgartner

This morning’s Today Show featured an interview with Felix Baumgartner, complete with new, exclusive images of his October 14, 2012 twenty four mile jump.

The Austrian skydiver channeled Johnny Cash’s wardrobe and cool.  Clad in black leather jacket and black button down shirt, he gave a smile when Savannah Guthrie asked if there was ever a moment when the 42-year old wondered why he was doing the jump and he ever lost his nerve.

Felix went on to say:

“No. Honestly no. I’ve been  thinking about this for so many years. Five years, so in my mind, I did this jump many times.”

They also discussed the violence of the spins while he during the jump and the two specialty protein shakes he had for breakfast.

Surprising absolutely no one, Felix did not enjoy the jump, which he described as work. He followed up by saying he would be hanging up his parachute, officially retiring from the daredevil business and moving on.

An upcoming National Geographic documentary will showcase even more images and video from the Red Bull sponsored dive.

Ann Curry Confirms She Is Leaving ‘Today’

In "happier" times...


Ann Curry officially confirmed to USA Today that she is leaving her post at NBC‘s ‘Today‘ show. In a 40-minute phone interview on Wednesday, she fought back tears as she talked about leaving the job she’s had for more than 10 years.

I’m going to have to tell our viewers. That’s what makes me more emotional than anything. I don’t want to leave them. I love them. And I will really miss them.”

On rumors of behind the scenes tension with co-host Matt Lauer, she said,

You know, Matt and I have had great on-air chemistry for 14 years, been part of the No. 1 winning team for a history-making number of years. That said, I just finished my freshman year as co-host. In every single co-host’s first year, there have been kinks to be worked out, and perhaps I deserve as much blame for that as anyone.”

She added that she wishes there had been more time to work out those kinks. Curry has, unfortunately, been pinpointed as the reason for ‘Today‘s’ decline in ratings. ABC‘s ‘Good Morning America‘ broke the show’s 16 year winning streak as the country’s number 1 morning show back in April.

I know I am not to blame for the ratings worries,” Curry says. “And my bosses have said to me there are many factors involved. There is no doubt that the rating wars have become meaner and less focused on our responsibilities as journalists.”

Ann will make an official announcement this morning on ‘Today.’ She was already scheduled to have Friday off, but it’s not known if this morning’s show will be her last. Possible replacements could be co-anchor Savannah Guthrie or Hoda Kotb. (Something tells me Hoda would be ecstatic to get away from Kathie Lee.)  Curry will reportedly walk away with $10 million, while Lauer signed a multi year contract that will land him $25 million a year. Whatever the issues with ‘Today‘ were, are, I’m sure they weren’t all Ann Curry’s fault.

Ann Curry


I can say that I will miss all of the colorful outfits and high heels she had been wearing lately.


‘Today Show’ Host Ann Curry Being Forced Out — Is It Matt Lauer’s Fault?

Matt's inner voice: "I hate her like poison."


I’ve heard rumors about Matt Lauer disliking new-ish co-host, Ann Curry, who replaced Meredith Vieira last year.  Now, soon after Matt signed on to stay with The Today Show, all hell is breaking loose because the ratings are down and the Olympics are coming up.

via: NYTimes.com

The New York Times reports that Curry, who replaced Meredith Vieira as co-anchor on NBC’s morning show “Today” last year, is on her way out, with a decision coming as early as next week.

According to the Times, NBC executives are negotiating with Curry in an effort to find a different position for her, possibly as a foreign correspondent. The Times’ Brian Stelter writes that Curry, who is reluctant to give up the position that she assumed a mere year ago, has hired attorney Robert Barnett, who represented Christiane Amanpour during her exit from ABC News’ “This Week,” to represent her in the negotiations.

One source told the Times that the network is hoping to complete Curry’s departure by the Summer Olympics, which kick off in July, so the network — which is airing the Olympics — can move forward to the Games with a clean slate.

“They feel real pressure to get it done by the Olympics,” the individual said.

If NBC does decide to replace Curry on “Today,” concerns about waning ratings could be at the heart of it. In April, “Good Morning America” beat “Today” in total viewership for a full week, the first time that “GMA” could claim such a victory in 16 years.

And then we also had this snippiness from The Gawker waaaay back in March:

The subtext of that “rocky” transition, according to sources, is that Matt Lauer just “absolutely hates her” as a co-host and is fed up with watching Curry turn what was once NBC’s most charismatic and engaging program into a joyless slog.

“Everybody knows she’s gone,” said one source. “Everybody knows she’s gone,” said another. “Everybody knows she’s gone,” said another.

But, if Curry can keep her damaged ego in check, there is also talk of repositioning her at NBC News as some sort of special foreign corespondent so she can get back to doing the more serious journalism she covets—and to keep her far, far away from most of the people she’s annoyed during her Today Show stint.

So. Who’s going to replace Ann Curry and where in the world will NBC hide her?