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Jake Gyllenhaal is a Crazed Murdering Psycho in The Shoes Video, ‘Time to Dance’

Hmm. This video probably is NSFW.  Unless your boss happens to love loud electro-pop dance music with images of a nutcase in a fencing get-up slicing a hipster girl’s throat wide open.  This video, directed by Daniel Wolfe is not for everyone. (Just most of you sickos.) So you’ve been warned or invited, depending on who are are, got that?

Let me say this: It takes a lot for my non-existent attention span to sit through eight minutes of anything without changing channels, opening more windows, writing, researching with my headphones on blasting David Bowie to block out CNN on the TV off to my right, texting four people while talking on the phone with Patrick, while simultaneously leaving snotty remarks on my kid’s Facebook page about obese cats named “Dinner“.  But I did stop everything for those eight minutes to watch this video.

I do need to give credit where credit is due. If I hadn’t been for following “American Psycho” author, Bret Easton Ellis on Twitter, I wouldn’t have been turned on to this video. (And by “turned on” I mean advised of, taken the recommendation by NOT actually tur–oh, never mind. Y’all are so gross.)

Does anyone else feel as though Jakey G. is auditioning for the part of Patrick Bateman?  I hear-tell Bret is writing a “where is Patrick Bateman now type of sequel to American Psycho.  More on that topic later today.

Well?  Thoughts?