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Angelina Jolie in Disney’s Iconic ‘Maleficent’ – TRAILER and Official Poster

The Perfect Evil Queen - 'Maleficent' Portrayed by Angelina Jolie
The Perfect Evil Queen – ‘Maleficent’ Portrayed by Angelina Jolie

Photos via Disney 

Angelina is bloody breathtaking. Cheekbones that could cut diamonds. Pillowy lips to entice then devour, eyes that pull one into her like magnet. Complete perfection.

We now have the trailer to Maleficent’, and I, for one cannot wait for the release of this film in Summer 2014.

Notice the little blonde sweetheart running through the field? Why, it’s none other than Vivienne Jolie-Pitt.

Little Vivienne Jolie Pitt
Little Vivienne Jolie Pitt

I grew up reading the REAL Grimm’s Fairy Tales. I still have the tattered, hard-covered book from my childhood. I was never frightened by the well-written, imaginative and often terrifying imagery the from these stories . I expect to love this film in all its dark beauty.

Dark Seduction
Dark Seduction

Whose side will YOU be on? I’m fairly sure you know who I relate to–and I’m not ashamed to tell you.

Thoughts?  Come on now, tell Mama.

Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance – In Case You Missed It

Photos: GettyImages

Since everyone’s sitting around waiting for the lights to come back on during the Super Bowl (the hell??), I thought I’d post Beyonce’s Halftime performance before it’s yanked from YouTube:


Gotta admit: Bey looked and sounded great. Girl can DANCE . I’m not sure Destiny’s Child got quite the amount of time they deserved, but I was surprised they were allowed onstage at all.

As in: “errbodygiveitupforKellyandMichelle!”Beyonce

Oh. Gurrrrl.

Looks like FLOTUS and The First Family were diggin’ the halftime show, watchin’ their close, personal friend Beyonce werrrqin’ it.

Aretha Franklin diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The Queen.

No. Just NO. The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Some gossip rags had been speculating about Ms. Franklin’s illness, and now it has been confirmed.

via Detroit Free Press:

DETROIT — Aretha Franklin, who according to the National Enquirer has pancreatic cancer, underwent serious surgery last week and is “recovering very well,” her longtime friend, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, said Wednesday.

The Detroit News also learned from ources close to the singer’s friends and family that the legendary “Queen of Soul, has pancreatic cancer.

Jackson said in an interview with The Associated Press that he’s visited with the legendary singer four or five times recently, including a few days ago, and that Franklin’s “spirits are high, and her faith is strong.”

“She’s conscious, communicating and taking daily walks up and down the hall,” said Jackson, who accompanied Franklin on one of those walks during his most recent visit.

Jackson wouldn’t either, other than to say his friend of more than 40 years is responding well to the surgery.

Franklin announced last week that she had undergone a surgical procedure, but neither she nor her publicist have said what is ailing the 68-year-old Queen of Soul.

“She has amazing strength — body, religion and faith,” Jackson said. “It’s what he keeps her going.”

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest a person can have, though about 15 percent to 18 percent of those with the disease can survive with surgery, Dr. Elliot Newman, chief of gastrointestinal surgical oncology at NYU Langone Medical Center, told the Detroit News.”

Let’s all “Say A Little Prayer” for Ms. Franklin…