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The Pink Pig Posted a Photo of Miley’s Vagina. She’s 17, Y’all. LISTEN UP!

Photo of The Pink Pig - Via Google Images

Yeah.  I know the Pink Pig took the photo of Miley down, but the fact that he did it in the first place isn’t cool, man.  And believe me,  I also know that Miley wasn’t wearing undies on purpose, while getting out of a car rather awkwardly (read: HEY! LOOK AT MY VAG, Y’ALL!).  Nevertheirregardless.  Isn’t there some kind of, I don’t know, LAW about posting child pornography?  That piece of shit needs to get in trouble for HIS trouble.  (That sentence made sense to me.)

So, Cate and I were talking about the fact that The Pig is coming to her neck of the woods, and whether she should  attend the festivities at the trough.  I said to go ONLY if she asked that porcine specimen why he felt the need to post the photo in question of Miss Cyrus.  That quick conversation turned into this.

By: Cate K.

“Love Land” in South Korea, a sculpture park - Body Parts Only

“Ha, not asking that

You know what he’ll say:  It’s celebrity, and if you set yourself up as some kind of sexpot f*ck-worthy girlie-girl, you are fair game in the public eye, and chances are good you want the press anyway. Exploitation is the new Fame.

[The Pink Pig] might also add, “I’m giving the public what they want!”

Really, when Tila Tequila and Snookie (to say nothing of Paris Hilton) are mainstream stars, you know something’s wrong.

It’s perhaps wrong and gross to show portraits of 17-yr-old vags but… THIS is what celebrity-hood hath wrought.  Who made whom? It’s all very chicken-and-egg-ish. Morals, alas, have f*ck all to do with it at this point.

Women and young girls are fair game to exploit the hell out of sexually and I have to wonder, who set this up? Us? “Them”?  Why would anyone in their right minds ever give someone like Jenna Jameson an ounce of anything but pity and victim support services?  Why is she even in mainstream culture? Why is she held up as some kind of paragon of sexy, much less that overused word, “hot”?  Jenna’s obviously a sexual abuse survivor.  How is Britney underwear-less sexy or even interesting?  Why are we celebrating Lindsay at ALL?  Why are we glamorizing victimhood?  Why are we worshipping narcissists?  It’s as if society has a collective fascination/horror with ideas of slut-dom.

Young women go off the deep end, it’s true, and with a bucketload of money and yes-people around and on call, certain (bad) choices are made.  But where… are the parents?  Or at least responsible managers and handlers?  “Dear Miley, wear underwear, and keep your legs together, at least until you get inside the club -you know, the one you’re actually too young to drink in?   You know, have a brain and stop being an incorrigible narcissist.”  Wait, that’s probably wishful thinking.  Sigh.

Also:  Why is female genitalia so cheap and icky and eww-look-a-girl’s-thingy-ish to be held up to hilarity, scrutiny, and exploitation?  Is it Perez’s fault?  The industry’s?  Ours?  I don’t know.  From my vantage-point, it’s all about female genitalia.  Celeb gossipmongers (ahem, celebrity journalists) would NEVER publish a naked celebrity penis. Ever.  Men’s bits & pieces are the sacred holy (one-eyed) cows of our culture.  So long as they have six-packs (or are the “fat adorable” types) and bang the gorgeous babes, they’re given a free nikkidity pass. The next time Perez or his ilk (clearly present company excluded!) publish a willy-out shot of Justin Bieber or RPatz or Jay-Z, I want to staple it to my kitchen wall.  That’ll be HOT all right.


Solutions are not forthcoming, but my ideas involve the following:

1.)  Every man reading the works of Anais Nin AS WELL as Simone de Beauvoir, and then watching the films of Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, and Liz Taylor. They may’ve not worn underwear all the time, but then, we’ll never know or sure. And we shouldn’t.

2.)  Everyone, whether into celeb culture or not, needs to get over the vagina-weirdness. Women have them.  They’re not dirty, gross, hot or sexy.  They simply are.  Anything else is pure (if personal) perception. They get bloody, roughly once a month and that doesn’t make them disgusting. Again, they simply are.

You love your kids? Your life? Your mum?  Get over the bleeding vagina.  If anything good came out of the whole Sex And The City phenomenon, it’s that it inspired a generation of women to take hand mirrors and get a good look under the hood, without pre-conceptions or judgments.  I suggest we pass this attitude along to the paparazzi and the people who buy and look at those pictures now (especially, ahem, if they have daughters).

The Miley-hoo-hoo shot raises far larger, more complex and troubling questions. Perez was merely being his normal, opportunistic, attention-loving self in publishing that picture. We’re all stars, baby. Fifteen minutes is now endless by internet standards.

Somewhere, Warhol is cursing all of us.  Or loving every second of it, more than likely.