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Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Crapping Her Pants And ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ With David Letterman



This. Girl. This hilarious, blabber-mouth-without-a filter-girl. Here’s the thing, Jennifer Lawrence is probably the ONE actress who men want as their WIFE, because she’s more than girlfriend or toss-piece material, and women want to BE or have as their BFF, right?  (I do need to squeeze in a shout-out to my daughter-in-law, Dayna–because I kept hearing her during this solid-gold interview with Dave.  Not many people in my life make me CRY-LAUGH…Day-Day does.)

Okay. Get yourself some popcorn or a bowl of L’il Smokies and barbeque sauce and get ready to belly laugh (and maybe crap your pants):

via CBS/VanityFair

Are you as DEAD as I am? I need to watch this on a gotdamn loop. Also? Anyone who tells the world she craps her pants is THE BEST. (Not that I’d personally know anything about having that particular sitch.  I totally do. Shut up.)

Oh, and say, for you people who are interested in The Hunger Games: What’s For Supper?the film opens tomorrow and here’s the trailer you’re already seen 8000 times.

Me, personally? I’m excited about Jennifer’s OTHER new film, American Hustle.  Watch THIS and tell me she’s not the best thing EVUH. (Again, very Dayna-ish…choke-cry-laughs abound.)


See how great that looks? And I’m stealing that line: “Thank God fuh me.

Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars Release ‘Safe and Sound’ for ‘The Hunger Games’ Soundtrack

The Civil Wars (Joy Williams and John Paul White)

If nothing else, Taylor (“WHAT? WHAT? NO WAAAY!  ME??” — as she feigns every single time she wins at every single awards ceremony!) Swift, will bring the amazing Southern Gothic duo The Civil Wars even more to the forefront to the masses.

The song could have used more John Paul. I do give Taylor props for loving and promoting The Civil Wars, though.  Pretty soon they won’t need anyone to give shout-outs, but I still will.