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‘The Hangover III’ Trailer – I’m Laughing Like A 12 Year Old Boy Again



The Wolfpack is back (for the last time?) and THIS 7th grade boy is belly laughing. (There’s only ONE giraffe who’s allowed to judge me on that, fyi.)  Take a look, won’t you?



Dang. Melissa McCarthy, Mike Epps, John Goodman, Mike Tyson, Jeffrey Tambor,  and of course, Ken Jeong along with the rest of the naughty boys are all there. Oh. And apparently (at least momentarily) a giraffe is involved.


via Vulture.com

Will this be the first Hangover film without the hangover? The trailer maybe suggests this, as there’s not one glimpse of the gang waking up and going, “What the hell happened last night?” Instead, we get the classic action movie trailer trope of a pretty, ethereal song followed by a raucous guitar number. The music makes sense, as shit is going down this time. After the death of his father, Alan (Zach Galifianakis) goes from crazy in a quirky way to crazy in a dangerous way. Good thing Stu and Phil (Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper) are there for him, because for some reason John Goodman wants to kill him. It should be a crazy, fun time for everyone — unless you’re a giraffe or a big giraffe supporter. 

Indeed. SNORT!!