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Ryan Gosling’s Film ‘Only God Forgives’ Trailer!


Oh, Happy Monday indeed for those of y’all who love The Gosling.  We have an itty-bitty clip from his new film called, “Only God Forgives‘.  Sounds ominous and dark just by the title alone.



via: THR.com

In, Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn turned Ryan Gosling into a nameless, mythic hero, willing to break laws to procure justice in the outskirts of Los Angeles. Their second film together, it seems, sends that roaming vigilante to the dirty underground of Bangkok.

The first preview of Only God Forgives has been released (or, leaked) online, and though it’s just a brief 20 seconds, the footage displays the same sort of gritty, shadow-cloaked drama that made the actor and director’s first collaboration such a critical hit. Set in the underground kickboxing world of Thailand, Gosling plays a gym owner who has to take out his brother’s murderer — or perish himself. The film co-stars Kristin Scott Thomas, as Gosling’s mother.

I was just wondering whatever happened to Kristin Scott Thomas.  Oh, and don’t forget (like you would?) that RyRy‘s film, Gangster Squad which opens this Friday, January 11.