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Inauguration Odds and Ends With The Obama Family

Uh-oh.  Sasha and Malia Might Be In Trouble With Mom?


I admit it…I snort-laughed with I saw the First Darling Daughters acting just like regular tweens, taking a “selfie” –duckfaces and all.    I’m willing to bet however, their mom didn’t think it was so funny.  I mean, it was during their dad’s Inauguration.  I hope they didn’t get in too much trouble, but surely they’ll get a talking-to for not presenting The Perfect Princess appearance that is instilled in them on a daily basis.  Awww…give the girls a break. I’m pretty sure this was during the parade–not during their dad’s swearing in ceremony.

We feel you, Mrs. O.


Shall we discuss FLOTUS’s Side-Eyeroll situation?  I don’t know how she kept it from being a Full Body Eyeroll, frankly.  If that fake tanned crybaby idiot who made my husband’s life hell like this a-hole did–and will continue to, I am quite sure I would do the same.  And how DARE Boehner smack The First Lady’s arm while she’s eating lunch?  Gauche.  Rude.  Typical.



We need a palate cleanser after lunch, don’t we?  Let’s jump to the Inauguration Ball.  The First Lady wowed and surprised everyone by wearing a Jason Wu gown again. (I’m sure you remember her gorgeous one-shoulder white gown in 2008).

Jason Wu’s Original, Signed Sketch of The Red Dress

This time around the dress was a fiery red chiffon and velvet halter gown.

FLOTUS, in Jason Wu. Again!

I love her new haircut with a little flip to the ends, and of course her super-flattering bangs.  Mrs. Obama wore a rough cut diamond ring by designer Kimberly McDonald. The stacked bracelets are a personal favorite of the First Lady, as are her Jimmy Choo shoes.


After the First Dance – “Let’s Stay Together”

President Obama wore a black Hart, Schaffner and Marx tuxedo.  POTUS went for a more fashion-forward white tie instead of the more traditional black tie (a white tie is traditionally worn with tails).  As usual, he looked incredible.  What a gorgeous couple.


Is One Direction White House Bound?

One Direction


In 2008 President Barack Obama’s first acceptance speech after his historic election included his promise to his daughters that they would FINALLY get a dog.

The First Family


This time around Malia and Sasha will not be doubling up on the cuteness of Bo with another pet, but might get a private concert with UK boy band One Direction.

The Daily Star reports that Michelle Obama has already been in touch with the “Live While We’re Young” singers. So far it is an open invitation and potentially an excellent way to say thank you to the tween/young teen set.

But a word of caution to the President. Harry and them like their ladies like fine wines, vintage.  So you better keep your eye on all your wife if they come to The White House!

One Direction’s second CD “Take Me Home” will be released November 12, 2012.

The President and The First Lady Visit ‘The View’


With a reminder from my fantastic Grandmother that President and First Lady Obama would be visiting The View, I decided to watch the program for the first time in a long time.

As much as I enjoy hearing Barack and Michelle speak, I will also admit tuning in to see how tightly wound resident conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck would be.

On the fashion watch the first lady looked fantastic in a square necked, sleeveless (of course!) dress with a full skirt. The green color (a somber cousin to all the sea foam from the Emmy Red Carpet) paired with an eclectic array of jewelry (known as hodge podge, if you are not chic) and shoes that appeared to be maroon. Other notable style choices were Elisabeth’s red dress (channeling both Nancy Regan and Anne Romney) and Whoopi’s shoes, which were sky high and red heeled. A precursory google search gave me nada on them. DivaJulia, please chime in if you have info, because they were stunning.

Look Newt Gingrich, The Welfare President came bearing gifts. Presenting Babara Walters with a gift basket, Obama joked she would no longer have to “pilfer signature items when she visit the White House“.

Over all, the mood was appropriately light, with anecdotes about their upcoming 20th wedding anniversary and life with two daughters. After saying how much she really liked them, Elisabeth got to put on her serious journalist face and asked about the growing divide between the “have and have nots” in America. My general disgust for Bitsy aside, her over all tone was very respectful, which is about all that you can ask.

Having not seen Sherri Shepard in a good while, I was impressed with her new (to me) short and sleek hair. Still don’t know what is going on the inside of her head, but the outside is on POINT. In the hopes of borrowing some tips from the first couple, Sherri asked Michelle Obama about the nightly bedtime ritual she and Barack have. I cackled at her use of the word “ritual”, picturing some of my Tea Party neighbors, nodding knowingly about Obama and his foreign, muslim satanic roots.

Ritual or routine, the first lady coyly responded that she wasn’t talking about what they did before they went to bed. Not to be topped by Jill and Joe Biden, the President nodded, so we are all clear on that front.

So as not to appear too partisan, if and when Willard and Ann Romney join the ladies of The View, I’ll watch. I think Whoopi has a lot she’d like to say.