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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Causing A Stir On Harper’s Bazaar China Cover

What’s the problem?

I’m usually the first one out of the gate to make a snotty remark about the Sarah, Jessica and Parker Stables, but I don’t really see anything terribly wrong with the Chinese cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spring Edition.

It also looks like we’ll get a peek inside of her fancy Tribeca Stable Loft, as well as some of SJP’s favorite choices in exclusive hoof-wear by the very talented Iris Scheiferstein.

In fact, we found a few pair of Iris’s handiwork right off the runway racetrack…take a look, won’t you?

The White Front-Zip Hoof Bootie

 And your everyday shoe/hoof/bootie is everyone’s favorite, right?

Fantastic, really.

Hold on to your riding hats, because you will rear UP when you see the exquisite Tribeca Stables for Sarah, Jessica and Parker.

Breathtaking, isn’t it?

The life of an aging Sex and the City old gray mare is pretty fabulous, isn’t it?

Gaaaaaah. FINE. Here’s the REAL magazine cover that the whole world is flipping out over due to the alien-horsification of SJP.


Frankly, we did a more authentic job, thankyouverymuch.

Happy Birthday, Melissa Rivers! We’ve added another filly to our stables!


Yes, Dipped in Cream has purchased a new horse for our stable.  As you know,  we already have four horsies–Sarah, Jessica, Parker and Tori!  This new horse, MelissaRivers (all one single name, which is to be honked loudly and quickly) isn’t all that well-liked by the other fillies, but they’ll work out their differences.

Aren't our stables charming?

We even updated our LOGO...just for the Horsies!

You know, we do have our eye on a gorgeous, sleek, black stud by the name of Diddy, but we haven’t come to an agreement on the details.  Would you like to see a photo of him?

Gorgeous, isn't he?

I KNOW, right?

A lovely front view of the horse I am hoping to add to our Dipped in Cream Stables.

So, yeah.  I need to run to the feed store and pick up some presents for MelissaRivers!! (She’s 42 today.)

p.s. I spent waaaaay too much time on this post.