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Did Jesse James really cheat on Sandra Bullock? Is it “The Curse” already?

Jesus wept. Again.

Let me take a deep breath before I jump in on this sitch.

Jesse James (NKA The Vanilla Gorilla, thanks to this ‘ho named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee) is being accused by the media (and maybe his wife?) of being a GOTdamn cheater.  Gyaaaah. White trash much?  Ugh.

BBC News reports:

Warner Brothers said the star, who won the best actress Academy Award last week, will not travel to the UK due to “unforeseen circumstances”.  The premiere had been due to take place next Tuesday in London.

The cancellation announcement coincided with unconfirmed reports in the US media regarding the actress’s marriage.

While Jesse has had an 11-month affair, including five weeks of sex, with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, she believed he and Sandra were no longer together. “I would never have hooked up with him if I thought he was a married man,” Michelle tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. “He gave me the impression they were separated.” (Apparently this ‘ho doesn’t read or watch TV, for fuck’s sake.)

For weeks, while Sandra was in Atlanta shooting The Blind Side, Michelle had sex at least once a week with the Monster Garage star. Far from a one-night stand, his relationship with Michelle was intimate and highly charged. Michelle even says she called Jesse, who didn’t wear underwear or condoms, by a special pet name, Vanilla Gorilla, because he was so “well-endowed.”

Nast.  This doesn’t sound good.  Sandra doesn’t seem like the kind of Oscar-winning actress to just bail on a premiere.  So, with all this crap hitting The Internets and gossip rags today, it realllly sounds bad.

Then of course, there’s The Curse.

Best Actress Curse - Photo via E!

Kate Winslet won an Academy Award—then split from Sam Mendes. Just as Julia Roberts, Halle Berry,Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank and Reese Witherspoon.  Oh, dear.  Has The Curse already hit Sandra?

I wonder if some of this drama is like A Star Is Born, where the dudes cannot handle their gals’ success?  It happens, y’all, but it’s not as if Jesse isn’t successful in his own right.  If he was stupid enough to eff around with a skanky chick (or ANY chick!) while married to Sandra, he’s just a goddamn dumbass.  This wife of his has taken charge of everything…like being a good mother to his kids, including going to court for his youngest daughter’s welfare.  (Her mother is currently in jail and is a porn star. Lovely.)  Let’s see how The Tattooed Bitch from the County Fair does with that shit.

I really hope this isn’t true, but I’ve already taken sides – and so has Snippy the Giraffe.