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“The Candy Shop” Trailer – Directed by Brandon McCormick, Whitestone Motion Pictures


The Candy Shop Trailer from Brandon McCormick on Vimeo.

I simply stumbled across the trailer to this film in what I refer to as “research” (hey, it IS!) for this blog.  What a full-body slam…in sheep’s clothing–or Willy Wonka’s The Candy Man’s clothing.   You really need to watch this trailer for Brandon McCormick’s film, The Candy Shop more than once.   First,  just to see what this little masterpiece is all about; secondly, to really FEEL it; and if you’re into these things like I am, the beauty of the film-making and cinematography.

via Streetgrace.org

“…this depression era fairy tale will bring attention to the injustice of the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Compelling stories have the ability to capture the minds and emotions of people of all types and ages and encourage them to become activists. The Candy Shop will be part of a citywide campaign that will raise awareness of the issue and mobilize resources to make a difference in protecting our children.”

Now, go back and watch it again.  To quote the lovely folks at Street Grace, based in Atlanta, Georgia, “It’s not always who you THINK.”

• Almost half these men are the age 30-39, with the next largest group being men under age 30. The
mean age is 33 and the median 31. The youngest survey participant was 18, and the oldest was 67.

• The data clearly debunk the myth that CSEC is a problem relegated to the urban core. Men who
respond to advertisements for sex with young females come from all over metro Atlanta, the
geographic market where the advertisements in this study were targeted.

• Not only are 65% of men who buy sex with young females doing so in and around suburban
metro Atlanta, but 9% of men who buy sex with young females in metro Atlanta gave their
location as near the airport. This finding is consistent with advocates’ claims that travel and
tourism play a major role in sustaining CSEC.

• The numbers are staggering — 12,400 men each month in Georgia pay for sex with a young
female, 7,200 of whom end up exploiting an adolescent female.

Sorry to be a bummer on a Saturday night.  This just makes me wonder what it’s like for these little girls…on a Saturday night in Atlanta.

Now, seriously–go back and watch the trailer once more.  Please.